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Time Thieves

Back to the standards: protection against small digital time thieves.

Can we still get back the focus and attention to the essentials from the many digital time wasters and distractions?

Yes, it is still possible to create a distraction-free design for the smartphone or tablet, automate routine tasks and focus on your own small productive habits.

Small personal Hacks for better productivity

As a first basis we have to create our own rules beyond the standard settings of the smartphone and app manufacturers.

In two steps to more freedom. Please implement these tips directly:

  1. free the start screen: Which apps have to be on the start screen of the smartphone or tablet? Fast text entry, calendar, task management, mail and journal?
    Which app or what hasn’t been used for the last 30 days and can be moved to the back of the screen, completely removed or in separate groups out of sight.
  2. reduce messages: Which automatic messages do I really need? Calendar, phone and messenger favorites and task management. In the system settings for the message center you can consistently turn off all non-critical messages from apps. Just do it directly Don’t worry, it can be switched on again later if necessary, so better reduce it consistently.

A radical approach to the digital diet such as deleting all social media services, news apps or email services is not necessary in my opinion.

Try out these personal hacks for one week at a time and see if they have had an effect on saving time, less stress or unnecessary work.

In the next few weeks I will present some of my little automatic routines to protect you from digital time thieves. Maybe this will result in helpful suggestions for your own personal productivity…



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Andreas Lezgus

Andreas Lezgus

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