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Life is really interesting. It throws a lot at you, is full of interesting challenges, difficulties and experiences you have not yet come across and if you really don’t know what you are doing, how you want to do it or lack the motivation to do it, reaching your goal can be quite challenging and may tear you apart anytime just so that you can build yourself from the pain and sufferring you may face.

While that might sound very pessimistic, that’s a fact and everyone faces it in one way or the other at different times and it is in these difficult times that, it is very important to have someone to look up to, some inspiration, someone to learn from, someone to seek help from and that person might have walked the same path as you and would have successfully faced all the challenges which you are currently facing and might have a lot to share with you, inspire you to do better and be better than what you are today and might help you push through all hurdles you may have now.

We are going to talk about exactly that in this blog post.

Finding your right inspiration

You must be very careful on choosing an inspiration. Cause they will become a huge influence in how you lead your life. So, think what you want to do, why you want to do it and how and see if there were people who had similar vision as you and not just that, made their stand, faced all the hurdles head on and came out of it with valuable lessons to share.

Want to be an athelete? You can look upto atheletes like Usain bolt, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Mary Kom, Michael Schumacher, Dwayne johnson, David Goggins or anyone else for that matter who has the discipline, work ethic, humility, perseverance, focus, emotional balance and everything a truly successful individual needs.

Want to be a musician? You can look upto Beethoven, Alan Walker, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, 2Cellos or anyone else for that matter.

The same is applicable for all other fields as well. In my case, I take inspirations not from one person but from lots. Infact, the entire internet is full of inspirations (if you leave the noise aside). Its like a hive of inter-connected thoughts and that makes it really powerful, unbiased, with lot of people sharing their challenges, experiences and how they went about coming back from the most difficult of times.

Its all upto how you want to use it to pump yourself back up from the rock bottom.

Motivational Videos, Movies & Series

I listen to a lot of motivational videos when I go for jogging like videos from youtube channels like:

and there are lots more just a search away. It may feel like you already know what they are talking about, and infact there are just a few things to learn if you want to be at your best but the thing you will get from watching all of this is the ENERGY!

When you watch such videos, you literally get energy and goosebumps even if you already know the content. Its, the way in which it is delivered, the way they truly mean what they say and the fact that they practice it first before they preach. It definitely helps.

Not just this, I also used to watch a whole lot of movies and series and I even picked up a lot of inspiration and knowledge from them. While this may not happen always, you never know.

Seeing Others and Being Thankful for what you have

I regularly see people who have lost a lot of things in life in social media. They may be physically challenged either by birth or through some accident along the way or they may be from the poorest of families or they may have devastating incidents or issues in life but still they continue, they persevere, they battle hard to come across it relying solely on their mental strength.

And I feel like, when they can do it, why can’t I? Why do I whine about all the petty things?

This clears my mind, makes me very energetic. Since, rather than spending time whining, I am thankful for what I have and I rather spend time on facing the problem I really have taking them as an inspiration.


Music makes me insanely inspired and productive. I always have either the headphones or speakers on and always have some kind of instrumental or mild music playing in the background. This gives you the energy and kicks out the loneliness you may have if you are working alone for long hours.

Not just that, music is proven to also heal you mentally. I don’t worry about what kind of music it is, I try listening to everything and I keep listening to them while I work.

Infact, if it might help you, these are the playlists I created and I keep adding more to them as and when I listen more and more.

Your Progress as an Inspiration

Often times, you may feel like you don’t have anyone to look upto. Now, these are the times, you need to do a self-assessment of yourself. See where you were a month back and where you are today.

If you can really see your progress, that’s something to take motivation and inspiration from.

Learn, Learn and Learn

This is something which I always advocate to everyone. You get inspirations, ideas, thoughts and more if you keep learning everyday. Never leave the habit of learning. Be it a book, a tutorial, a blog post, or anywhere else.

You can always pick up inspirations even from the unlikely of places and you won’t know unless you actually try it out. Knowledge makes you wiser.

If you know something, teach it to others as well. Teaching makes you learn more and more and you are also inspiring someone else in the process.

Create Space to think

You may find people saying that they are too busy. But being busy is not good. It is counter-productive. You need a free and open mind to think. If you are looking for inspirations, ideas or thoughts, sometimes the best thing to do is maybe go on a vacation, a jog or just close your eyes. This gives mind the space to think. My daily morning jog helps me in this process and I get the most interesting of ideas when I have myself unoccupied. Even nature has a lot of inspirations to share with all of us.

Try different routines

If you just stick to your goal, sometimes you may be exhausting yourselves too much. Try having a hobby, switching tasks and do something else in parallel. This way, you keep yourself sane and relaxed.

It can be playing music, blogging, or doing something else that you really like. You may have your eureka moment anytime.

Being Happy about reaching the Breaking Point

There is a breaking point for everyone and it can be different for every person. And you never know when and how you will face it, but if you happen to face it, be happy and say “Okay, I have nothing to loose. Let me give all that I can and see what happens”. This kind of attitude will keep you inspired to do better, do more everytime in life.

Infact, while I have faced tons of challenges in life, I am really not sure if I have reached my breaking point. Sometimes, you will never know. Just face the challenges as and when they come along one at a time.

Reaching out for help

Sometimes, keeping every struggle to yourself may not be good. Try to let it out to someone, ask for help and you may even manage to find someone who can very well transform your life. Whether you actually manage to find help or not is actually secondary. Try reaching out first to see if someone can help you and have no ego while doing that.

Inspirations are not something that you can just pay for. You never know when, how and where it comes from. But, when it does, tightly grab on to it and work your way up to reach your goal.

I hope these tips were helpful for atleast some of you. If so, do share it with your friends and family and you may even manage to help them in the process.

Will meet all again in the next blog.



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