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Major Updates to #NeverStop series

Hi. I have been thinking and reflecting for a while on the way I organize the live streams everyday and I know there is a lot of room for improvement.

For those who are new here and have no idea on what I am talking about, you can have a look at our YouTube channel or our Github Repository to have an idea.

There are some major changes I would like to share with you all today effective immediately. Since there were a lot of things I wanted to share, I thought that it is better of as a blog post. So, here you go.

  1. Only The Red Carpet (where we interview amazing people every week) will be streamed live every Saturday at 9:00 PM IST for 30 minutes in our channel.

In summary, we are changing the way in which we are presenting the content we have to share with all of you and make the experience really good for everyone. This does not have any implications on the content but rather the format in which we present it to everyone.

By following all these steps, we will be able to

  • Improve quality of content

And deliver a lot more than what we are able to do now.

We are looking for ways to improve things everyday. All your feedback is welcome.

If you would like to know as and when we publish content, do subscribe to our Youtube channel or follow us in any of the social media platforms.



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