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The Most Awesome Vacation in your life

Everyone does dream about having that “Perfect Vacation” in their life.

I have had the same dreams too, the dream of getting lost from everything, the dream of having that space which I really need, the dream of spending time with the people I like, the dream of living in harmony with nature, and having that peaceful moment watching the sun rise and set.

The fact is that it doesn’t have to be a dream. We can indeed live the life we want, have the vacation we really need and do what gives us comfort. The hurdles are just in your mind.

So, what does a perfect vacation look like for you? Let’s dive deep.

Breaking the routine

Life is full of scheduled routines. Wake up at 6, do the chores, reach office by 9, eat lunch at 1, leave office by 7, eat food, binge watch and go to sleep.

Well, this is kind of a routine which people have. While a routine is really important to have and can help you a lot over the long run, you need breaks now and then and that is a vaction really plays a major role.

Throw away the schedule, routine and the calendar and live your life a few days without any regular routine. We did discuss about these things in one of our previous blog posts but it is worth mentioning again. Do something different from what you would normally do. It starts here.


Do you eat dosa everyday? Well, try something different — there are a lot of cuisines in the world. Ever tried dancing? Well, try it now.

If you resist change, if you don’t try anything new, there wont be any excitement in your life. It will always be the same and can tend to get tedious soon.


Disconnect from the virtual world atleast for a considerable period of time, without any smartphones, internet, laptops or anything which can keep you in one place while you miss everything awesome that’s outside of you.


Travelling is really an adventure. You get to see interesting things, meet different people from different culture and get that breath of fresh air which you might otherwise not experience.

Its refreshing and gives you a fresh perspective on everything.

I still remember some of the vacations I had very well.

Deep inside the forest, the fresh air, a lot of leeches stuck in my feet, insects which I had never seen before, hanging out with the forest officers, walking through trenches, the withered leaves, the cold weather, the rocky mountains, the long bike rides (I can still feel the sound of the bike).

And all of this is without any interruption from anything else from my regular routine. Now, that’s a vacation in my book.




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