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The Top Reasons on why you might actually fail

There are a lot of ways in which people really fail in life. But if you look deep, enough you would find that almost all the root causes of all the problems intersect together onto a few important things. And that is what we are going to talk about here. The reason why people really fail.

So, you might think. Why is the title so pessimistic?

If you are a person who finds it hard to take in negativity from around you, get over it or convert it into something positive, then life is going to be real hard for you. Life is all about Ying and Yang and its you who has to understand it and work towards finding the light even in the darkness around you. With that, lets start with the most common reasons for failure.

Unclear/No Purpose or Goals

Now, this is really dangerous. If you are person who wants to really do something specific with your life but you are lost, you can be helped by showing you the right direction to go to get that.

But, if you are a person without any purpose or goals then no one can basically decide the goal for you. That is something that you have to discover on your own. While its all about self-assessment, you can try finding your goals by either seeing what you like doing everyday, what real challenges you have everyday in life, what you are really good at and what you can do to make life better not just for you but also for others around you.

But this should be your first priority before anything else because you need to decide what path you want to take in life before you are ready to face the obstacles in it.

Lack of Self-belief, Trust & Confidence on Thyself

Now, while you have set your goals, it does not end there. That’s just the first step towards your journey. You must truly believe and trust your potential. You must believe that you stand for something better. You must believe that where you are today is not where you would be tomorrow. You must believe that difficult things always comes to pass but only for those who really work to get over it. If you really believe yourself, have that trust and self-confidence, then life is going to be an amazing ride for you.

Otherwise, you will fall apart sooner or later and you may/may not have people around you to motivate/support you and bring you back up. The best motivator to you would be yourself.

You need not be afraid of the consequences. Rather, the nay-sayers would have to be.

Lack of/Poor Planning

Yes, you have set your goals, you believe yourself but none of that really counts if you don’t plan your journey out before you start it. Infact, its very important to plan your daily activities. A poor plan is atleast even better than no plan at all. Your plan need not be perfect, but the most important thing is to have a proper time slotted plan. Set your short-term and long-term goals and milestones, get yourself up everyday and make sure that you adhere to it. Even if you are not able to stick to it, you will eventually get there at some point of time.

You need to value every bit of your time in life since once its lost, you can never get it back. So, if you are someone without a plan that means that your time is managed by someone or something else and not by you.

Lack of Self-Discipline

Yes you have goals, you believe yourself, and you have a plan. But again, none of these matter unless you are really having that self-discipline in life. You must have the grit, determination and must work hard as per your plan and I know you will sweat a lot in the way, but thats how life is. You need to sweat to really achieve some of the amazing things you really want.

Maintain a proper calendar, get up, work on what you have planned and make sure that you do it all without someone else pushing you. Its very important to push yourself because sooner or later, you might be in a situation where you are the only person who can push yourself to the limits when you are not able to find any external motivation.

You need to have that fire in you if you really want to do something. Else, I suggest that you stop and think a bit more on whether you are doing things right. If you are someone who procrastinates a lot, that is going to kill you badly sooner or later.

Not being open to Learning

Its very important to know that noone ever knows everything. You have to understand that first, crush your EGO and make sure that you keep learning everyday. Be it from your mistakes, your success, inspirations, books, videos or what not. You have to make sure that you learn something everyday.

And the important thing is, you need to be open. Its not just your field you have to learn from. You need to be open to other fields of studies as well. For instance, great designers and inventors take inspiration from nature around them to build an amazing creation. Would you have flights if the wright brothers did not learn from the birds? You never know.

Its all about keeping your mind open for knowledge and not be biased, and learn as much as you can from people around you. It can really help you sometime along the way.

The Excuses

The excuse I say people often saying that: “I want to do this, but I don’t know how to start”. I would say F*** you and move on to be honest because, we are in an information age and if you really want to do it, you will learn it somehow and do it and not give me that lame excuse. But this is different if a person actually starts doing it and is stuck along the way. Such people can actually be helped. You need to start!

Lack of Humbleness, Humility and Respect

Whoever you may be, whatever you are, whatever you do you need to really respect people around you. Treat them as equals and show the utmost humbleness, humility and respect to everyone irrespective of the difference between you. This is really important not just to truly reach your full potential but also to become a better human being. If you are someone who does not treat your employees well or is a racist or believes that you are the god of the world, I really sympathize you.

Lack of a good support system

You will fail! That I can guarantee you and there is nothing bad about that. But, if you are just alone in your journey all the way, it might be difficult for you. Yes, there are ways in which motivate yourself and get back up. But the journey is often smoothened if you have a good support system in place. Be it your family, your team, your friends, well-wishers or anyone for that matter. Having people around you when you really need them matters a lot if you want to have a sane life.

Not just this, you won’t be able to market/sell your product, have the right customers or do whatever you need if you don’t have the right network of people around you. But, when you make use of your support system, remember that it goes both ways. Give support when others need it and you will get support when you really need it without even expecting it.

The Blindness to the ecosystem around you

Things are not always going to work out the way you have planned. For instance who would have predicted COVID-19 or demonetization or George Floyd or anything like this for that matter?

Its all about having a clear eye for the ecosystem around you, being ready to face any kind of challenge that you might face. Ofcourse, you cannot predict the n! permutations and combinations that you might have but it is very important not to be blind of them. Look out for various signals, be ready and prepared to act at any time.

If you are just going to continue doing what you keep doing without looking out for these, you may actually end up in some other destination than what you had originally planned.

The Greed, Misery & Overconfidence

You might be rich, you might have achieved whatever you had wanted in life, you might be wealthy but if you want to keep all that to yourself and not help others then all your success means nothing to the world. Yes, you might ask, I earned it and I should have it. Yes. Have what you really want to satisfy your needs and share what you can.

But if you are really a great individual, you would try to share something with others even if you can’t afford it. Now, that’s selflessness and when you do that, I have nothing to say. Hats off to you!

See if you can really avoid all these mistakes in life and maybe, you might actually become better than who you really are today.

Is there something which I missed? If so, do let us know in the comments. I hope this was useful. Share it across with people you really love and lets see if we can help them in saving their life. See you all in the next blog post.



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