Week 19: Request List and E-mail

This week we’re releasing two nice functions on the test servers: one for those of you who manage requests and one for those who manage the e-mails TimeEdit sends.

Request List

Request list next to calendar

Requests are latest to get their own list in the client. You can now have a list to manage your requests in a view, just like you can with lists for orders, reservations and so on.

When you click a request in the request list you immediately enter request handling mode where you can accept the request, deny it, or change objects. Otherwise, the request list works just like the other lists with its own columns, search settings and so on.

You can still view reservations which technically are requests in the reservation list as well, but clicking a request there will not enter request handling mode.

E-mail Templates

For administrators, we have added a few new settings for the e-mails that TimeEdit send. From the system preferences window in the old client you can now create templates for the different types of e-mails that can be sent.

Settings for e-mail templates

You can find the settings in the lower left section of the pane “System prefs”. For each type of e-mail — reservation, cancellation, request and denied or accepted requests — you can enter a subject line and a text which will be added to the reservation information sent.

Displayed to the right is a list of placeholders. These can be used in both subject and message and will be replaced with the appropriate information when a message is sent.

For example: “Today $date, $reservation_count reservations have been made” will, for a confirmation of eight reservations made on May 12th, become “Today 2017–05–12, 8 reservations have been made”.

When you are happy with your message, save it by clicking the green check mark. The button above the save button displays an example of what your message will look like.

Test of what a message looks like with real information