A Brief History of TimeFerret

Hi there! We’re the co-founders of TimeFerret and this is the little corner of the web where we will write about our app.

The idea for TimeFerret came to us in 2014, when one of us (Sridhar) was a remote software contractor for an American company, working out of Germany. Sridhar saw a drastic increase in productivity when he could write code all morning without interruptions and had all his meetings in the evening, when his American colleagues had woken up. That’s when we realised that most workers have to deal with the issue of not having large enough chunks of time at the workplace to do their most important work of the day.

We saw this as an opportunity to build a calendar app that takes into account your most creative times and lets you de-fragment your day into productive blocks of time. This would be useful not just to programmers, but also to anyone else who experiences large cognitive loads in the course of work, such as writers, designers and architects.

The cost of interruption is well-researched and there exists anecdotal evidence as well. In this blog, we’ll bring you the latest and the greatest from productivity research as well as insights into how creative and successful people have managed their time. For those of you that write code for a living, we’ll also run some technical articles on how we built TimeFerret on a unique Go framework (we’re Gophers!) that we think you’ll find interesting.

We’re so thrilled that you stopped by our blog and we hope that you’ll keep coming back. Do Follow us to be notified of future posts and leave us a clap if you liked this one!

P.S. We’re currently running a survey about your productivity and work habits over here. We’d love to hear from you!