Mini Oscar Recap


Credit: Shutterstock

I’m taking a break from the “Bozos to Babes” media series to give you a 2-minute (literally) armchair critic recap of the Oscar-nominated best films.

I did not, however, watch any of these movies in an armchair, but in a combination of movie theater recliners and sprawled on my couch and in my bed. Popcorn was sometimes involved. This was one of those rare years where I saw 100% of the Best Picture nominees!

Now that I’ve set up the scenario, my movie “reviews” will actually be blunt and pithy.

Major themes were:

· Power and the abuse of power

· Racism and bigotry

· Rock stars and how they got to be stars PLUS stars & wannabe stars who fell

In short, it was the year of politics, hatred, self-hatred and rock and roll.

Plus, we saw a lot of period costumes and hair and actors who physically transformed themselves. (Did Christian Bale really do exercises to make his neck fat?)

I learned a lot about history (or fictionalized history). I Googled to find out the real backstories of the “based on a true story” films.

Not picking a winner. All eight movies were good for different reasons. None was truly amazing. Or my standards have gotten higher.

The bottom line is that we’re living in weird times and although people love movies about history and politics they also want costumed superheroes and musical entertainment.

And that hasn’t changed much since 1937 when the first “A Star is Born” was born.

Hooray for Hollywood!