Adding React Native App to App Store Connect

Karthik Balasubramanian
Mar 30 · 5 min read

Hello everyone! Let's try to add a React Native Project to the App Store.

Make sure you have a Developer Account in Apple and a React Native Project.

Head over to App Store Connect.

Let us now add our first app.

Click on the ‘+’.

And select “New App” to get the below modal.


  1. Select the required Platforms, for my use case it's only an iOS app. So i will check ‘iOS’.
  2. Add your Company Name. The name will appear under your app name on your App Store product page.
  3. Add your App Name. This is the name of your app as it will appear on the App Store.
  4. Select your Primary Language, I have chosen “English (U.S.)”.
  5. Now to the main part of creating the app: “Bundle ID”. The bundle ID must match the one you used in the Xcode of our project. You will have to register a new bundle ID here.

Click on the ‘+’.

Select “App IDs” and Continue.

Select “App” and Continue.

Now, you will have to give your App ID, a Description, and Bundle ID.

Let's say I am adding an app that is an iOS Kit for Shopping. My description and bundle would be like this:

Now, enable the capabilities your app has. You would have added capabilities through Xcode. Get to know more about Capabilities here.

If your app has no capabilities you can Continue and confirm your App ID. 🎉

Okay, so now when you get back to “Adding your App Modal”, your Bundle ID would be listed. You can go ahead and select it.

6. Then add an SKU, which is a unique ID for your app that is not visible on the App Store. I chose the same Bundle ID as SKU.

7. User access, a way to limit which users see this app in App Store Connect. If you select Full Access, all users will have access to the app. I chose “Full Access”.

Hit Create and you would land on a screen something like this.

You have successfully created an iOS App…🎉

Okay now open your Project in Xcode and click on “Signing & Capabilities”.

  1. Select your Team.
  2. Add the Bundle Identifier you created previously and wait for Xcode to automatically manage signing, by creating a Provisioning Profile and required Certificates.

You may run into some issues now…

Oops… ❗️

Select “My Mac (Designed for iPhone)” as Build Target and hit Try again.

It will prompt that you have not Registered this “My Mac” as a device. Go ahead and click on “Register”. Xcode will automatically try to register this device.

Now you will be able to find your device here.

Okay now, let us try to Archive our project and upload it to App Store.

Select “Any iOS Device (arm64, armv7)” from build target and got to
Product -> Archive.

And let's wait till Xcode archives a build. I don't think it will take longer because of the enhanced M1 chip.

Okay once Xcode is done archiving you will be taken to 4-5 wizardly steps before you upload it to App Store.

Worry not I have gone through the pain to take a ScreenShot of every step. 😣

Let's start.

Click on “Distribute App”.

Select App Store Connect and Next.

Next and Next.

Click on “Automatically Manage Signing” and Next.

You will have to Generate an Apple Distribution Certificate, which is required for App Store Connect so that you can publish your App in App Store.

Give a name to your certificate, and set a password, and save it probably email it to your trusted friend, because it's important!

Once the certificate is generated and saved, there is just one step more. Click Upload.

Once uploaded, you head over to App Store Connect to Continue.

Once on App Store Connect Page, Click on your App.

Select TestFlight.

There will a single build listed down in Version 1.0(1).

Select “Manage”.

Since our App does not use any encryption. You can select “No” and “Start internal Testing”.

Once done, this app will be available to test among testers through Testflight App.

This is Karthik representing Timeless. 🙂

If you find this blog post helpful, share it with a friend.

If you find any difficulties please feel free to add your comments.


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