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2 min readSep 16, 2022


Hey, Time Raiders Community!

Hello from me, Matthew Nagy, Lead Designer and Economist of Time Raiders!

We are starting up these Dev Blogs to let you know about all the fun stuff that is coming up in the Time Raiders builds as we move from Closed Beta to Soft Launch!

So where do we start?

As we have a few weeks left of the Closed Beta, let’s start by pointing out some of the cool stuff you might have already seen, but if you missed it, then we can point you to it!

So, let’s start by playing Time Raider Bingo!

Tick every one of the following to see if you’ve already found it:

If you haven’t, get searching! It’s already in there for you to enjoy in the Closed Beta.

  • Unlocked all 4 Raiders: Cerys, Jason, John, Helen
  • Battled all 3 Bosses: Lord Haw Haw, Tiger Tank, T-Rex
  • Found and used more than 5 weapons: Pistol, Bazooka, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Mini Gun
  • Collected Daily Rewards
  • Played all 4 Levels, and all 3 Game Modes: Story, Zombie and Time Attack
  • Found and set up a Time Beacon on a Factory
  • Found and set up a Time Beacon on a Facility
  • Found your first Treasure Trove
  • Changed Raiders to Traverse into other areas of the levels

If you haven’t done all of the above, you have missed out on some of the essential gameplay!

Get back in there, Time Raiders and get hunting!

Speak to you in the next blog and see you in the greatest treasure hunt across all space and time.

-Matt Naggy-

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The Greatest NFT Treasure Hunt of all TIME

Players travel through time and fight enemies to find loot. They can use these precious resources to power up their characters and weapons, craft new items, or sell them on the player-to-player market.

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Time Raiders
Time Raiders®

Writing about the Greatest NFT Treasure Hunt of All TIME.