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3 min readSep 23, 2022


Hey, Time Raiders Community!

Hello from me, Matthew Nagy, Lead Designer and Economist of Time Raiders!

Dev blog number 2 is coming at you.

What better to discuss than the upcoming Soft Launch! Yay! It’s getting closer all the time.

All the devs are busy busy busy working away to get this release out to you.

It’s my fault that it has taken as long as it has because I keep insisting that the guys just HAVE to put in this feature, and that feature, and this other one, in order to ensure that you all get simply the BEST experience that you can when you get into the game. They hate me a little, but you’ll love me long time.

So what IS coming in the next release, you ask?!

I’m happy to announce that one of the features the YOU the community have asked for is coming: Check Point Saves! The longer levels just need for you to be able to save your progress midway through, so we listened and have responded, and YES, you are getting them. Good request from you all. Thank you!

Consumables are coming too! Grenades, Molotov cocktails, medi-packs, etc. You’ll be able to find them in levels as rewards for good gameplay, and you’ll also be able to buy them from Clockwork Charlie in the Black Market with the $XPND that you earn playing the game. You only have to blow the bloody doors off to know how fun a grenade is going to be during gameplay, let alone healing your Raiders mid-level so that you can play one more level, one more level, one more level…

What else? Did I hear Body Armour? Yes! Extra protection for those party nights out playing! Enable some Armour on your Raiders and you’ll be able to take more punishment when you really need it.

There is so much more too, but I don’t want to make the blogs too long, so I’ll list a few, and maybe we can talk about it more in the next blog:

  • Health Energy
  • Upgrade Energy
  • Audio Improvements
  • Boss Improvements
  • Raider Upgrades
  • Item Upgrades
  • Just, so much more…

But before we go, I’m so super excited to tell you that the NFT Tokens from the INO, these are also starting to appear in the game! So if you bought one, they’re coming!

First one I’m going to mention is the Mech Suit! It’s so cool! It turns any Raider into a Heavy for the duration of using it. You have massive Armour, and some really cool and HEAVY attacks from the Mech, so you can really do some damage to the enemy, as well as to the game world.

Goooo Mech Suit! If you haven’t got yours, there are still some available on Rarible and our own Open Sea page, so go get one before release, and you too will be able to Blast your way out of a situation!

That’s all from me this time.

Speak to you in the next blog and see you in the greatest treasure hunt across all space and time.

-Matt Nagy-

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