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The Time Raiders Beta — First Week

Let’s take a look at the first week of the Closed Beta

It’s been a bit over a week since we launched the Time Raiders Beta… and what a week it has been!

We’ve received a great amount of feedback, bug reports, suggestions, and more — with one feedback being consistent from every tester that played the game:

The game is… fun!

While Bug Reports etc. are obviously a tremendous help and very important, the key focus for us from the very start has been this: To bring FUN into Play-To-Earn Gaming.

And it seems we are succeeding — while the game obviously isn’t perfect yet, it’s looking good so far!

And not only is the game fun to play, but it’s also receiving quite a lot of interest from members of the Time Raiders community that are eager to join the Beta Test and start playing… there have been 3 chances to join the Beta Testers so far, each limited to a few hundred players at a time.

Both the first and second call to join the test was answered quickly, and we got the desired number of submissions in ~1 hour each time, but the 3rd call to join definitely received the strongest answer! Instead of 300 people applying to join the Beta Test, we received over 1500 submissions before we closed the form!

The Numbers

So far we logged about 609 player sessions, lasting 2,195 seconds on average (that’s about 30 minutes of uninterrupted playtime), and about 1.5 hours in total average playtime per user.

And all of this results in an average retention percentage(how many testers keep playing the game for multiple sessions) of about 35% — not bad for a Beta!

With 117 bugs and 23 suggestions received from our amazing Testers so far, we’re well on our way to a successful outcome of the Beta Testing Programme. The Beta Testing period is always a great opportunity to find a great number of problems — certain bugs are much harder to find for the developers because we’re much more in tune with how the game is meant to be played. New players don’t have these blinds on and are much more able to insert chaos, and havoc & break the game a bit!

Not much longer until we release the next build to the Beta Testers, containing both the new game mode called Time Attack, as well as Bugs fixed and ongoing performance optimization.

After that, we’re aiming to release the following build next week, with a lot more Bugs fixed, as well as another new Game mode! Stay tuned for that!



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