The U-Boot: Death Awaits Under The Waves

The Hidden Threat, Ready To Strike

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The ocean can be terrifying. Even today, we have explored and charted less than 5 % — who knows what awaits under the waves?

In ancient times, stories about mythical sea monsters were common… and as we discovered more and more about our world, one thing got clear. Those stories weren’t all made up. Some of those monsters are real (just think of the 13-meter / 33 feet long Giant Squid.

It has thus always been natural for humans to at least feel a certain sense of unease when traveling over the waves. However, as sea travel grew increasingly safe over the centuries, you could typically assume that you’re going to arrive at your destination with few issues.

Until the most dangerous predator on planet earth started stalking the depths… humans. Submarines / U-Boats (Underwater boats) started their history as tools of war in the first World War and went on to spread fear and destruction ever since.

In both WWI and WWII, Germany was faced with the problem that the British fleet ruled the waves — it had done so for hundreds of years at this point, and as an island nation, it was very easy for the UK to focus their military resources on their fleet. Any enemy trying to attack Britain would need to cross water… and good luck with that when the British fleet is there to challenge you!

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” — Sun Tzu

If you can not fight an enemy where they are strong, change the battlefield. Change the rules. Whatever you have to do to negate their advantage.

And that’s exactly what Germany did… they knew there was no chance of defeating the British fleet in a head-on confrontation over the waves. So instead, they started taking down their supply lines with hit-and-run attacks.

Allied ships knew exactly one thing — nowhere is safe.

“The only thing that ever frightened me during the war was the U-boat peril.”, Winston Churchill, 1946

The Naval Race to Counter the Threat

This turned into a race for developing strategies and technology to continually counter each other. Where german U-Boats operated on their own at the start of the war, eventually allied ships grouped into convoys with trained escorts and sometimes support from aircraft.

This led to a shift in strategy on the German Side, now preying on targets further out in the Atlantic, with more advanced submarines — as well as changing tactics too, with U-Boats operating as “Wolf Packs”, taking on the convoys in groups instead of alone.

After the USA entered the war, U-Boats were even operating right at the American coast, going so far as to even torpedo ships in the New York harbor, and the mouth of the Mississippi!

Over the course of the war, Germany built 1,162 U-boats, of which 785 were destroyed — but those submarines ended up taking down 2.800 allied trade ships, with about 15 Million Gross register tonnage lost.

In-Mission Use: Instructions

We have captured a few German submarines and added a few upgrades to them — if you have the necessary clearance, you can request support from our new U-Boat Fleet.

Instead of solely having torpedoes, our U-Boats now come with Torpedo-Missiles they can launch, to take out pesky enemies or blow apart doors, walls, fortifications — anything in your way that you don’t have enough explosives for!

We suspect that later missions will require access to hard-to-access underwater bases, which will only be able to be accessed by a German U-Boot with the correct codes. Don’t worry about this on your first few missions, but this is why we acquired those German Submarines in the first place.

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