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By Matt Nagy - Lead Designer of Time Raiders

Game Update!

Hello Time Raiders® Community!

Thank you for your patience and your commitment to us. We have had so many changes and have been so busy these past 2 months that communications went off people’s radar. Thank you for prompting us. We will get back to giving you regular updates. Several questions have come up, so we’ll try to address all of them in the updates.

Development Roadmap

We have not gone anywhere. We’re still here. We’re still developing the game. The Roadmap has been updated on the public space to be more in line with where we currently are.

Crypto In General

You all know that crypto took a big hit over a year ago and did not recover quickly. We were caught up in that ourselves, and yet we continued to press on with our plans.

One of the fallout's of the crypto winter was that the Time Raiders® NFT sale did not go to plan. We were counting on the success of that to keep the same speed, momentum and team size for development to meet our original Dev Roadmap targets.

Without those finances, we had to pare back the team which affects the speed of development. We also had to re-prioritise the dev tasks to focus on simply getting the Live Beta out the door with the utility NFTs functioning in the game. Even at our slower pace, this work is going well. Look out for new videos each time one of the NFTs is in the game and working.

And we are looking at many new financial opportunities to increase development funding to get back to our original dev speed.

So, we are getting closer and closer to our Live Beta launch of the game, which is now targeted for release early 2024.

The closed Beta builds are still available on Elixir for anyone in the community to access and provide feedback on. Follow this link (http://forms.office.com/e/tBeKa4JpDH) to see the progress.

The game updates have been communicated to the community more slowly as we have slimmed down marketing to keep the development going at as fast a speed as we can. But because the community has been quite vocal recently, we will continue releasing updates regularly, as well as videos of game features as they are coded into the game.

The New Twitter Space

We have some new advisers in the marketing and community management who suggested that cross-pollination between games is a good way for different communities to be able to feed into each other for user growth.

Our new weekly Twitter Space, Throne of Games (sponsored by Time Raiders®) is a novel way for us to speak regularly to other Web3 game creators and services to share thoughts and ideas with each other in a live format. Through this new media format on Twitter Space we will be able to organically grow our community and bring on new users for Time Raiders®, as well as introduce our own community to some game projects that we think have merit, too. Organic growth is good right now, as we are reserving marketing expenditure for the future when we are nearer to release.


When the NFT sale did so poorly, we did not sit back and take it, but immediately began to revise our plans and seek alternative sources of funding for Time Raiders®. It took a while to get momentum, but we are making great grounds now. We are under many NDAs so we cannot share details of anything, but as soon as things solidify (which should be soon), we will make announcements of our new relationships and partners.

Part of the bigger strategy that we can share is doing more in the immediate for one key part of our philosophy for Time Raiders® being a bridge between Web 2 and Web 3.

We are getting the game onto Steam in a Free to Play format to help bring in new players, and eventually be able to generate income from F2P mechanics and micro-transactions, as communicated several times on the Throne of Games Twitter Space.

We firmly believe that this will bring more players and create in-game demand, and therefore, demand for the digital assets. The demand for the digital assets should then re-stimulate demand for the token, establishing the economics that the game and token back by creating currency flow.

We also have new advisers for digital assets. These crypto advisers have managed successes with digital asset sales even during the crypto winter.

We are currently discussing with them new strategies to maximize opportunities by crossing over the free-to-play space with digital assets sales to create greater awareness of the crypto space. There are some very exciting ideas being bandied about. More on this soon!

One thing we can share from the new advice and trends in crypto communities: we are considering a fresh utility-NFT sale with some interesting business models that have arisen over the last year. As the plans for this solidify, we will make a fresh announcement with more detail. The Time Raiders® team will take part in this ourselves alongside the community.


Staking periods have turned over. Fresh staking will be launched soon. The entire Time Raiders® team staked our own $XPND alongside all of you and have held all this time. The vested $XPND has been held and not sold. The in-game $XPND had not changed and will be available to find and earn in the game as soon as we have launched properly. None of these plans have changed.

Yes, the price did not hold due to the delays in the launch of the game. But the majority of investors have all HODLed. We believe that the buy-back exchange and burn that we are considering can only help the price of $XPND in the long run. And as we prepare for the launch of the Live Beta, we will begin to engage the appropriate market-makers to assist with our utility token for the benefit of all.

Thank you so much for your feedback, for prompting us when we needed to be, and for HODLing with us all this time. Time Raiders® will come to market in the fullness of time, and it will be the ground-breaking Web2/Web3 crossover that we have been planning.

We look forward to welcoming you into the greatest treasure hunt across all space and time: Time Raiders®.

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