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Utopian Game Labs Core Team

Utopian Game Labs Team

The company has a rich history in developing video games, stretching back over twenty years. The team has developed more than 25 mainstream titles on multiple platforms including Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Always on the cutting edge of video game development, the company has committed R&D into the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber-Security, and now, Blockchain Gaming.

An extraordinary group of individuals with many years of experience in publishing and developing video games for PC, Console, and Mobile.

Simon Bailey — Studio Head

Experienced Director, Studio Head, and Executive Producer of Video Games. A developer, deal-maker, and co-publisher — focused primarily on Console, Mobile and PC DLC, and now NFT markets; 30+ game titles developed and published. Able to satisfy License-holders, Stakeholders, Publishers, and Platform owners. Simon has produced and managed many well-known titles including Peppa Pig, Scooby-Doo, Doctor Who, Star Wars Clone Wars, Young Indy, and High School Musical.

Anthony Charlton — Executive Director

Experienced marketing professional and business strategist; specialist knowledge of information technology, the blockchain, and the video games industry; senior leadership, business coach, and mentor.

Matt Nagy Lead Designer

Matthew Nagy has been working in video games since 1994, working for Probe Entertainment as lead designer of Die Hard Trilogy, then Alien Trilogy, 2 of the biggest selling PlayStation games of all time. Matthew went on to design Batman & Robin for Acclaim, before leaving to set up his own companies Coyote Developments and then Attractive Entertainment, industry specialists for problem-solving, but in the later years, producers of 7 original Wii titles which Matthew co-designed with his team. In more recent years, Matthew has been co-designing and producing original Hidden Object games for Big Fish, and a free-to-play battle game, Battle Rise, for mobile.

Luke Richards — Game Designer

Designer and entrepreneur. A long history as a science fiction and fantasy author led Luke first into narrative design, but he quickly co-founded an indie studio and video games vocational academy, then found a home with Utopian Game Labs. Luke has a strong track record of building, leading, and inspiring teams, inventing creative projects, and moving them towards a powerful audience impact.

Horea Trinca — Lead Technical Artist and Game Designer

Associate owner and project manager at TSG since 2011 and working with UGL since 2017. Over 15 years of professional work in CGI, architectural rendering, and games.

Master’s degree in Computer Science, proficient C# programmer.

Adrian Bugnar — Art Director

Associate owner and project manager at TSG since 2011 and working with UGL since 2017. Over 15 years of professional work in CGI, architectural rendering, and games. Master’s degree in Arts, proficient in all that is 3D graphics — from modeling to animation, proficient user of many DCC apps (mainly 3ds Max, Blender, Mudbox, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Fusion, Resolve, After Effects).

Jonathan ReidSenior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager with 20 years of experience in delivering complex, multi-million dollar development projects. Five years of applying extensive project management skills and techniques to video game development; forged during a previous career driving high profile programs within the competitive automotive, defence, mobile, and consumer electronic industries. APMP accredited and experienced in multiple project management processes including Agile and Prince2.

Rafal NowocienProducer

Experienced, creative game designer (The Witcher) and producer, QA lead with a strong games design and production management background, honed over 17 years in the video games business.

Cristian CristeaTechnical Lead

As an early computer enthusiast, Cristian started programming at the age of 12. In college he dived into the world of game development, building his own 3D engine. Since then he contributed to a few dozen games, on numerous technologies, developing for desktop, mobile, and VR. Alongside game development, he also worked on serious business-to-business applications for various clients.

Tom BrownQA Lead

With 4 years working in the game industry. Tom has worked at GlobalStep UK as a QA Lead, testing games, apps, and websites across a variety of different platforms including iOS, Android, PC, Mac as well as consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. He was also the Assistant Tutor for GlobalStep Games Academy, teaching students the skills of QA testing on a nine-week intensive course.

Jason UnclesQA Lead

Jason has been working within the video games industry for over 5 years and has trained over 200+ individuals, most of them working within the industry today! Alongside training, Jason has worked in other roles within quality assurance firms such as talent acquisition, HR, Finances & payroll /video game audio and other business logistical roles within a video games background.

About Time Raiders

The Greatest NFT Treasure Hunt of all TIME

Time Raiders is a Time Travel, Play-To-Earn NFT & Crypto Game.

Players travel through time and fight enemies to find loot. They can use this precious loot to power up their characters and weapons, craft it into new items, or sell it.

Everything in the game is an NFT that can be traded for Xpendium ($XPND), Time Raiders’ native in-game utility token.

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Time Raiders

Time Raiders

Writing about the Greatest NFT Treasure Hunt of All TIME.