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What is Play-and-Earn Gaming? Is It Truly Better Than P2E?

NFT-driven play-to-earn games are taking the gaming world by storm, with a landslide of gamers now joining the line to this new way of gaming. But what if I told you there’s something beyond playing to earn?

Ever since Atari came out with that arcade game, Pong in 1975, games in the industry represented precisely that, games. Something to take your mind off and escape from the drudgery of the day-to-day, but not to be taken seriously.

We can all picture at least one moment in which we’ve gamed for hours on end. Glued to our PC — with zero to no signs of slowing down — just to get blasted for wasting our time on such a ‘fruitless activity’.

And for many of us gamers, this broke our hearts.

Not because excessive gaming didn’t come with a downside — because it certainly can — but because we enjoyed it so much. For those who consider gaming your nights away as natural as breathing, ending your session with nothing concrete to show for is a tough pill to swallow.

And previously, this lack of ‘tangible reward’ would have deterred gamers from following on their lifelong hobby. But the tables have turned.

This age of the Internet has seen a great number of players flocking to a brand new gaming model, Play-To-Earn. Which, on the back of tremendous progress made in blockchain technology, is promising to bring a fundamental change to the gaming industry — allowing players to have real-life financial returns for the great endeavour they place into games.

And in the next few minutes, we’ll not only give you a closer look into this P2E model firsthand, but, for the first time, we’ll also loop you into how Time Raiders plans to take this very concept up a notch. Powering the greatest NFT treasure hunt of all time in the process.

But just before we jump right into it…

What are Play-to-Earn Games Exactly?

In the simplest of terms, Play-to-Earn games are precisely what their name suggests — games where users get paid to play. Now, even though it may look simple at first glance, you do need to understand this concept poses a massive upgrade from the traditional model.

Because while gamers have been earning from playing games for years — through practices like streaming, for instance — the recent advent of NFTs took this concept to a whole new level.

As you may know, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are non-replaceable tokens that can be leveraged to prove ownership of a digital asset (such as GIFs or music.)

And traditionally, games have always been run by the companies that created them in the first place.

They keep most of the power over the gaming experience, and you, as the user, have to settle for merely a chance to play. Which, of course, comes at a massive loss to you, the actual player of the game.

You spend hours upon hours playing and upgrading this character of yours with new weapons, clothing, skins, powers, etc. And once the game ends, or it becomes discontinued, what are you left with?

Nothing. Nada. Nichts.

You can’t possibly ‘transfer’ your assets over to the next game. And thus, there’s no true tangible way to see a return from your investment. You are, quite literally, at the whim of the game developer’s decisions — which hardly ever benefit the user anyway.

Similar to renting a car, as opposed to owning it, you may decide to upgrade this vehicle in whichever way you please. But at the end, you will have to return to the owner. So why would you even bother?

This utter failure to reward the player for his efforts is what led to the emergence of Play-to-Earn. A model which puts the gamer at the forefront of the ecosystem — and gives them control over their assets.

NFTs allow players to actually own all the in-game items they acquire. Which they can then freely sell outside of the platform, an option they hadn’t been given thus far.

Hence, NFTs play a crucial role in the P2E dynamic.

Players can mint and customize these NFTs, sell or buy tokens on the open market, and even flip them for crypto or fiat money down the line.

This provides a real-world value to the asset — which enables you to transfer money and earn a living from wherever you are.

Isn’t that a thing?

‘Okay but… How do Play-to-Earn Games actually work?’

Simple. At the core of this model lies cryptographic technology that rewards users for playing the game. The more you play, the more crypto you’ll be able to collect.

Each P2E game has its set of in-game tokens that define value for every move you make during your playing time. From upgrading your character with new weapons, skins or virtual property, to taking part in battles or engaging in a community, these actions are all rewarded with NFTs — which have real value outside of the game.

For instance, if you’d like to create a new character, you can mint a brand new token and easily flip it for crypto on a NFT marketplace later on. (In the case of Time Raiders, every NFT you acquire can be traded for $XPND — Time Raiders’ native utility token — which has real value within the game. But more on that in a bit.)

Naturally, the value of these NFTs is largely dependent on their rarity and in-game utility they possess — which means, not all players will get rewarded the same. But nonetheless, the picture is crystal clear:

Just by playing the game, users can form part of a new digital economy where they get the chance to create value for themselves.

Giving players the chance to transfer their cherished collection over to other games, all while getting countless ways to monetize their efforts. Which include earning through gameplay, selling in-game digital assets in the form NFTs, and even staking crypto.

Never has this opportunity been given to players before, and, since these transactions are powered through secure blockchain technology, ownership and authenticity of in-game assets can be instantly validated.

How’s that for player empowerment?

Now, all of these sound great.

Having the ability to earn a living out of what you love is not only fulfilling, but for most gamers, is a dream come true.

But there is an important distinction to make.

There’s a thin line between playing with the intention to earn and just playing for the love of the game. As the world is transitioning to this P2E model, we’ve grown concerned that the chance for profit might reduce the inherent fun from gaming.

Players become so focused on ‘earning a living’, that they forget what got them into gaming in the first place: having fun.

Regardless of how much profit a player makes from a game, at its core, it should stay exactly that: A game. Something to enjoy. Not a job.

The financial returns are just an added bonus to the act of gaming itself.

Thus, you don’t play to earn, you play and earn.

See the difference there? With the former, you play with a dollar in mind — making it far more likely to grow out of love eventually.

But with the latter? You just play a really exceptional game and the financial bonus is a byproduct of your passion — which makes the end result far from rewarding.

These are all founding principles Time Raiders happens to live by, and is on the verge to explore fully.

An engaging, high-quality and fun game

Time Raiders: The Gateway To A New Gaming World

At the heart of it all, Time Raiders borrows from the now popular P2E mechanics to put forth something fresh:

An exciting, open-world, shoot & loot NFT game where players travel through time and fight enemies to take their resources back to their own time, where they can be crafted into new items, sold to fund their activities, or used to power up their characters, weapons and other items.

Powered by the latest boom in tokenization and blockchain technology, every building block in the game is designed as an NFT. Which can then be traded for $XPND (Xpendium) for in-game utility (such as buying new items, upgrading weapons, breeding flux, staking and so forth.)

But, don’t get confused…

Even though you are able to earn money out of your gameplay — in fact, that’s what NFT gamification is for — this game is NOT just for players looking to land a payday.

One driving factor that allowed conventional, free-to-play games to thrive was how engaging they turned out to be. The gameplay in itself was fascinating, and players thus became more invested as time went on.

Time Raiders keeps this philosophy top of mind. Making it just as rewarding for those who are not particularly invested in the concept of NFTs, and just want to play.

Thus, this game presents a perfect blend of both worlds — the gaming essence of F2P with the monetization capabilities of P2E — into a new genre we like to call:


An evolution from the current P2E gaming model most players are flocking to, that invites the gamer to not play for the sake of earning — but for the sake of fun.

And the financial incentives? They are just the cherry on top.

As we move closer to the official launch of Time Raiders, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of our online mediums, so you’re ready to step foot on the biggest NFT treasure hunt of your life!

For now, we hope this article has gone a great deal to inform you on the P2E model and the possibilities it holds for the near future.

Gamers are now at the centre of the entire economic engine, and we feel thrilled to join you in this exciting journey ahead.

Find out more about game characters, weapons and NFTs by following our Medium & joining our Discord.

About Time Raiders

Time Raiders is a Time Travel, Play-To-Earn NFT & Crypto Game.

Players travel through time and fight enemies to find loot. They can use this precious loot to power up their characters and weapons, craft it into new items, or sell it.

Everything in the game is an NFT that can be traded for Xpendium ($XPND), Time Raiders’ native in-game utility token.

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Time Raiders is a fast-paced shoot-and-loot NFT treasure hunt through time. The loot that players collect through gameplay, as well as being used in the game itself, has actual real-world value and can be bought, sold, and traded for $XPND — Xpendium.

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