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Introducing Timeswap’s Gamified Testnet

After a tremendous response to our Testnet launch, we’re here to take things to another level by introducing our Gamified Alpha Testnet for our early adopters to use and experience real-life market scenarios in our well-crafted simulation.

What is Timeswap Gamified Testnet?

Our Gamified Alpha Testnet is a way to simulate the real-world experience with money markets under varying market conditions to understand the protocol and its inner workings better and also be handsomely rewarded for creating alpha-generating strategies.

Users will be able to lend and borrow in various pools, only this time there will be a limited pool of capital, to begin with, and the goal of every user is to maximize their capital by the end of the competition.

Timeswap’s Gamified Testnet

What will Timeswap’s Gamified Testnet look like?

The Gamified Testnet will work with various test token pools on the Rinkeby test network. The objective for every user is to maximize their pool of capital by the end of the competition.

The competition will run across two weeks — Level 1 and Level 2.

At the beginning of each week, all whitelisted participants will receive 10,000 TS-USDC (same spot price of USDC) tokens which will be used by participants to lend/borrow from various pools to eventually maximize their returns.

Level 1(Week 1): Users can use the TS-USDC to lend/borrow as well as swap across the following assets — TS-ETH, TS-DOGE TS-SHIBA (same spot price of ETH, DOGE and SHIBA respectively)

There will be multiple pools, each with a maturity of 7 days.


Level 2(Week 2): Level 2 will have new pools with a 7-day maturity

All participants from Level 1 will automatically qualify for Level 2. The top 10 performers of Level 1 will receive additional points that will count towards the final score after Level 2. More details on the scoring system will be shared subsequently.

Users who miss the Level 1 deadline for registration will be able to get their address whitelisted for Level 2 and participate in the competition.

The final winners will be determined based on the score at the end of Level 2. More details on the points being carried forward from Level 1 will be shared later.

How can I play?

Access to the Gamified Testnet will be restricted only to users who are a part of our Discord community through a Whitelist.

Fill in this form to get on the whitelist to participate in the gamified testnet. The form for Level 1 will be closed on 6th Dec, Monday at 4 pm UTC.

The final list of the eligible whitelisted addresses for Level 1 will be announced via our Discord before the event begins on 8th Dec.

What are the rules?

  • One user is allowed to participate through one wallet only. Users found using multiple wallets will be disqualified.
  • Whitelisting will be based on users who are part of Timeswap Discord only
  • Only whitelisted participants will be allowed to participate in the game.
  • Any transfer of tokens found between the whitelisted addresses will render those addresses disqualified from the game. Tokens include TS-USDC, TS-ETH, TS-DOGE, TS-SHIBA & pools’ Native Tokens: Bond, Insurance, and CDT (NFT) tokens. The same rules will apply to the tokens part of Level 2 as well.
  • Any inbound transfer of tokens from external wallets is prohibited
  • Any suspicious Discord account or activity from any address found by the team will lead to disqualification.
  • Timeswap’s team decision will be final and binding.

What’s in it for users?

Along with the valuable experience that the early adopters of our protocol will be getting through this Gamified experience, we also have rewards for all the top performers. We will be keeping a record of the value of tokens each user received and how well they did over the course of the game.

At the end of week 2, the Top 10 best performing users will receive $15000 worth of $TIME Tokens at the same valuation as our latest investment round. This is your opportunity to receive tokens at the same valuation as our investors! They will also receive the prestigious Time Traveler NFTs.

  • 1st rank wins $3500 worth of $TIME tokens and a Time Traveler NFT.
  • 2nd rank wins $2500 worth of $TIME tokens and a Time Traveler NFT.
  • 3rd rank wins $2000 worth of $TIME tokens and a Time Traveler NFT
  • Users ranked 4 –10 get $1000 worth of $TIME tokens each along with a Time Traveler NFT

Dropping Alpha

The Gamified Testnet will go live on 8th Dec, Tuesday at 2 pm UTC. A guide to the game along with the rules will be shared at the time of launch.

And if you’re not a hardcore degen and wondering how you could come out on top, we’ve got you covered too. Throughout the game, we will be sharing some best practices and strategies to use and take your tokens to the moon!

Our community lies at the heart of our mission here at Timeswap and we aim to build the most capital-efficient, secure & permissionless money market within DeFi. We’re super excited to launch our Gamified Testnet and reward our early adopters who take part in it, as we move one step closer to the Mainnet launch party — The BIG BANG!

You can join our community of Time Travelers on Discord and follow us on Twitter and Telegram to make sure that you do not miss any of our announcements as we come closer to the launch date!




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