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Time traveling with Time Machine

A short trip down memory lane, reliving our community growth over the past year

We may be heading into a crypto winter, but the month of May remains special to us! This is because, in May 2021, we launched the Time Traveler community and we recently celebrated one year of travelling time in this spaceship.

On this occasion, we wanted to take you down a trip down memory lane to relive all the wonderful times we spent growing, learning and memeing together. The Time Traveler community is what makes this entire journey worthwhile for us and we want to thank you all for staying stronk and supporting us throughout. Let’s dive right in!

May 2021-Jun 2021 (Q1)



We launched the Time Traveler community on Discord with a DeFi quiz where the winner received a Cometh Spaceship-Jumper NFT. We followed that up with another quiz where we rewarded a Mooncat NFT worth ~ $1200 to the winner. We were yet to launch our Timeswap NFT collection back then!

Lessss get down to memeing it!

The genesis meme competition received an incredible response (as always) with winner taking away a 100 USDC prize. There were plenty of funny submissions, one of the gems being the one below.

Treasures of TIME, everybody chime!

Our first TIME treasure hunt happened in June with the community’s Sherlock home-ish talent helping them in claiming the prize. Each winner took home 300 USDC!

The image depicts a puzzle with the answer “time” when decoded mathematically. We had it all in our Intergalactic Treasure hunt, from morse codes to binary language to hiding puzzle elements in wide swaths of graphics.

Jul 2021 — Sep 2021 (Q2)

Launch of Timeswap NFT Collection

Cut to July, we launched our NFT collection and rewarded Time Traveler’s for active participation in various events. Almost a year down the line, we’ve done north of 16 ETH in volume in our Timeswap collection A truly incredible number considering these NFTs were given away as pure art and no other utility! LFGGGG!


The journey started with the “Blue Hourglass” NFT rewarded to quiz winners and since then we have created over 31 exquisite elements of Timeverse.

Time Guardians — Honorary Time Travelers

We started the Time Guardians ambassador programme last August by rewarding the most engaged & active contributors from the community with a Genesis hourglass NFT as well as a Time Guardian NFT! Each being a limited edition and the most rarest NFT in the entire collection with a supply of 50.

Time Guardians is an honorory position within the Time community and only 50 positions will ever be created and only 19 are still up for grabs. We continue to look for more Time Guardians who carry the spirit and principles of being a true Time Traveler.

If you have the grit and determination, to contribute to the community, you’ll be inducted into our elite Time Guardians and be rewarded one of the Time Guardians as well as Genesis NFT. Both NFTs currently have 0 listed for sale, Diamond Hands!


Community Leaderboard

We conducted informative sessions to understand Time Travelers’ views on crypto, NFTs & the best DeFi protocols they’ve used! This also happened to be the first time we allocated points to our NFTs. With points, come ranks which help in future events such as our gamified testnet!

Time Travelers penned awesome threads about Timeswap & were rewarded with Vintage Hourglass NFT.


Oct 2021 — Dec 2021 (Q3)

First Community Call

In our first ever community call, Ricsson Ngo showcased a walkthrough of our testnet. A funny event transpired, a community member was eating French Fries with the cameras on & which since then came to be known as “POTATO CHAD”.This hilarious session was followed by a wonderful community led memeing where Everyone’s PFP was changed to “Potato chad”.

Time Traveler of the Week(TTW)

The TTW program was launched which aims to reward Time Travelers every week for their valuable contribution to helping the community. Anything that brings value to the protocol, whether it’s answering others’ questions, assisting them with Dapp related questions, bringing them up to speed on the project, producing memes, etc. The contest run every week, with winners being announced on Monday. Every winner receives a Time Traveler NFT which has a floor of 0.1 ETH

Gamified Testnet Level 1:

We launched our testnet in October and received a phenomenal response from the community. After the initial few weeks of testnet, we decided to up the stakes by launching our first Gamified Testnet in December. The idea was to gamify the dApp such that there’s an objective to fulfil while using the product.

The winners of the gamified testnet were going to win a whopping $15,000 worth of $TIME tokens at the same valuation as our last investment round. Gamified Testnet 1.0 ran for two weeks with total number of transactions coming in at over 33,000+ from over 4,500+ unique wallets!

Gamified Testnet 2.0 & 3.0:

After a successful Gamified Testnet 1.0, we launched Gamified Testnet 2.0 with a prize pool of $5000 worth $TIME tokens to be distributed to the top 5 Travelers along with a special NFT to the top 30. To ensure we were ready for the mainnet, we conducted the last round of Gamified Testnet with a $1500 reward pool.

Jingle bells….jingle bells…..jingle all the way!

It was Christmas time & we planned to airdrop our Christmas edition NFT to every Time Traveler. To make it more interesting we opened a storytelling contest wherein travellers had to connect the dots & guess what the character in the NFT was and what was he doing?

Here ya go!

We received amazing stories, pick of the bunch being the one below


Time Travelers together Stronk

We started our community with the intention of finding Time Travelers who most resonated with our vision & principles. Today we are stronk community of 31 Time Guardians & 52 TTWs (Time Travelers of the Week)

“Time Travelers together stronk, educated Time Travelers together stronker”

Mascot enters the chat

After our successful previous NFT series launches, we launched a new Mascot NFT collection. We also conducted a storytelling contest to connect the dots of the Mascot lore, gib a look!


The traveller inside us loves a nice story innit! We’re always on the lookout for such wonderful tales that captures the essence of being a Time Traveler.

Feb 2022- now (Q4)

Rap battle V1

We always try finding alfalfa in the farthest corners of twitter but it’s rather hidden in conversations. We conducted arap battle in our discord, you heard it right, a $TIME cypher!

On our TIME spaceship, we have a unique event every Friday, and we had the battle of the verses that day. Naturally, the conversation evolved & we all became rappers, almost all Time Travelers still have their stage names up.

Like that…..we became $TIME rappooooor

Meme, meme, meme, repeat!

Time Travelers meme every day since every day is a meme, we’ve run multiple meme contests on different Timeswap topics in the last 6 months, we must say Time Travelers are the best memoooooors, don’t believe us? Check it out yourself:


Fun Commanders reporting!

We have always strived to work with the community, for the community, and by the community. And with this in mind the Time Fun Council was birthed. In the fun council events, the Fun Commanders take the driving seat and organize & run events on their own, with little to no involvement from the Timeswap team. This enables the community to self-organize and it sow the seeds for creating a fully decentralized community in the future.

Inside Out — Novel idea; novel concept:

Building a novel AMM is a 0 to 1 innovation, hence we have had to put in extra effort to bring our community upto speed on this new innovation. Accordingly we started Inside Out sessions, explaining Timeswap and everything DeFi from the inside out every week in our discord.

The genesis session happened on 2nd March and we’ve completed a total of 15 episodes, come join us every Wednesday!

Pepe wizard is here!

Everyone loves froggo, but within our community there was a fiery debate between Pepe v/s waifu, but the moment our amazing designooooors completed the Pepe wizard, there was no second thoughts.

We had our first twitter space & every Traveler showed up as a wizard. After all, a wizard knows real magic. Nowadays you’ll see many faces on twitter sporting the below PFP, a testament to the love from Time Traveler community. We ❤ it!

Time Travelers become Raiders

“A good project & strong team…”, this was all over Twitter while we were gearing up for the Polygon launch.

Time Travelers became ultra raidoooooors & with their wand showed the raid magic!

Smol token of gratitude for FCs

We’ve always been & will continue to follow one mantra: never letting the effort of any Time Traveler go unrewarded, and thus constantly strived to show our gratitude, especially to the Fun Commanders who’ve been working around the clock during & after launch to keep the spaceship going!

Making Art that is immortal!

Our community has so many talented artists and we are lucky to have received some incredible Art over the year. Take a look at some of them below.



We crossed the milestone of over 30,000 Time Travelers, a humble journey that began a year ago has developed into a fully fledged community with immense vibes, dank memes and loads of learning. We can’t be more proud of how our community has grown and supported each other throughout the year. We look forward to bringing even more fun times and loads of learnings for our wider community no matter what the market does.

Bull or Bear, we meme and BUIDL stronk!

We are excited to keep our heads down and BUIDL during the bear, are you anon? Come join us!

Signing off.



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