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Timeswap Big Bang — Mainnet Launch

After more than two years of chewing glass, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

Timeswap will be going live on Polygon Network today, 21st March, at 4 pm UTC!

Timeswap is excited to bring the first fully permissionless, oracle-less, non-liquidatable, fixed maturity lending & borrowing protocol to the DeFi ecosystem and build towards fulfilling our vision for DeFi 2.0.

Introducing Timeswap

Timeswap is the world’s first fully decentralized AMM-based money market protocol which is self-sufficient, non-custodial, gas efficient, and works without the need of oracles or liquidators. Timeswap’s proprietary 3 variable AMM is motivated by the constant product AMM used by Uniswap.

Check out our blog here to learn more about us and our Gitbook for a deep dive into the Timeswap protocol and how it works.

Some Introductory Reads:

Mainnet Launch Details

URL: https://app.timeswap.io
Network: Polygon Mainnet
Asset: USDC
Collateral: MATIC
Duration: 7 days
Liquidity: $50k(combined liquidity of USDC & MATIC)

Important Note:

- Timeswap is a new design that is untested in production. While we have undergone multiple audits with top audit firms like Trail of Bits, Code4rena, Peckshield, Quantstamp and taken all security measures, there could still be unknown vectors due to the new design. So please exercise caution while interacting with our pools.

- The objective with the mainnet launch is to ensure everything works as expected, and hence the pool will have low liquidity of ~$20k USDC to begin with

- Due to low liquidity, slippage will be high. Hence we recommend smaller size transactions(<$100). Always verify both your APR & CDP before proceeding with lending or borrowing. Always choose the default setting instead of advanced to be on the safe side.

- There is no high APR or any other incentives; hence please do not APE into the pools

- Always check with the team if you need any help or assistance. We have a dedicated channel, “mainnet-helpdesk” on Discord

- Since we are on the Polygon network, you will need MATIC tokens to pay gas fees.

We are excited to launch our protocol and bring decentralized money markets to the DeFi ecosystem. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our Time Traveler community and our investors for believing in us from the very beginning and helping us get here.

Remember, we are just getting started.

If you have any questions or feedback, join our Discord to join our community and have a chat with us. Also, follow us on Twitter and Telegram to stay updated with all our announcements in the coming days.



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Like Uniswap, but for lending & borrowing