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Timeswap Gamified Testnet 2.0

Another opportunity for Time Travelers to earn rewards while helping us test out the protocol

The two weeks of our Gamified Testnet 1.0 were a huge success thanks to our amazing Time Traveler community. A lot of degens made huge gains and got themselves some exciting rewards by making it to our top-10. The winners together unlocked $TIME tokens worth $15k USDC at the valuation of our previous investment round.

However, we know that there were a lot of participants who’re no less of a degen themselves, missed out by very small margins. If you’re one of them, or even if you were at the top and want that feeling of winning again, WE HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU!

We are back with another week of our Gamified Testnet for our early adopters to use and experience real-life market scenarios in our well-crafted simulation!

What is Timeswap Gamified Testnet?

Our Gamified Alpha Testnet is a way to simulate the real-world experience with money markets under varying market conditions to understand the protocol and its inner workings better and also be handsomely rewarded for creating alpha-generating strategies.

Users will be able to lend and borrow in various pools, only this time there will be a limited pool of capital, to begin with, and the goal of every user is to maximize their capital by the end of the competition.

What do the numbers say?

Over the 2 weeks of Gamified testnet 1.0 Time Travelers racked up the below numbers. Over 3000+ unique wallets participated during Week-1 & 4500+ unique wallets participated in Week-2 surpassing the participation of Week-1 with 33000+ transactions in total.

Here are some stats from Week-2:

  • Total number of transactions: 33,556
  • Peak unique daily users: 1,613
  • Peak daily transactions: 6,854
  • Number of unique wallets participated: 4528

Unlocking Game 2.0

After an incredible two weeks, we now move on to our second edition of the Timeswap Gamified Testnet with new pools with new tokens and lots of exciting rewards to be made.

Game 2.0 will be live on Polygon Mumbai testnet & will work on similar lines as before with 5 pools of different pairs of tokens, each with a maturity of 7 days.

All whitelisted users will receive 10,000 TS-USDC (same spot price of USDC) which can be used to swap/lend/borrow across the following assets — TS-USDC, TS-AVAX, TS-MATIC, TS-ETH

There will be a swap service on the UI where users can swap between the various test tokens. These tokens will be exchanged at the corresponding market price which is being fetched via an API.

Apart from the testnet participants, there will be 2 more users managed by the Timeswap team who will play an important role in Gamified Testnet 2.0:
1) LP who initiates the pool: An account belonging to the Timeswap team that will be creating the pools & adding initial liquidity for the participants. Since this LP is both a lender and a borrower he will be entitled to claim his lend position after maturity and also optionally pay back his debt to withdraw his collateral before maturity. We will inform the community on the last day of the pool of the LP's decision to repay or not to repay.

2)Arbitrager: An account belonging to the Timeswap team will be acting as an efficient arbitrager to help push the pool parameters to the expected real-time market values by undertaking lending and borrowing transactions.

The above 2 users will not be eligible for any rewards.

Game 2.0 pools:



The top 5 participants based on their final wallet balance will each receive $1000 worth of $TIME tokens at the valuation of our next investment round. The top 30 participants will also stand a chance to win a Time Traveler NFT.

How to Participate in Game 2.0

The registration for Game 2.0 is now closed & the list of whitelisted participants will be shared on our discord via our #📣announcements channel before the game starts.

The game will be live on 13th Feb, 4 pm UTC.


The rules for the Gamified Testnet Game 2.0 are given below:

  • One user is allowed to participate through one wallet only. Users found with multiple wallet addresses will be disqualified from participating.
  • Any transfer of tokens found between the whitelisted addresses will render those addresses disqualified from the game. Tokens include (TOKENS) & pools’ Native Tokens: Bond, Insurance, and CDT (NFT) tokens.
  • Any inbound transfer of tokens from external wallets is prohibited.
  • Any suspicious Discord activity will lead to disqualification.
  • Timeswap’s team decision will be final and binding.

Shoot for the Moon!

Our community lies at the heart of our mission here at Timeswap and we aim to build the most capital-efficient, secure & permissionless money market within DeFi.

We’re super excited to launch our Gamified Testnet 2.0 and reward our early adopters who take part in it, as we move one step closer to the Mainnet launch party — The BIG BANG!

You can join our community of Time Travelers on Discord and follow us on Twitter and Telegram to make sure that you do not miss any of our announcements as we come closer to the launch date!




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