I do not work for Devcenter

For such a long time there been some misconception about my relationship/affiliation with Devcenter and I decided it was time to correct them.

  • I didn’t found Devcenter with Akin Falomo and Opemipo Aikomo.
  • I have never written any code for the Devcenter web application.
  • I’m not employed by Devcenter, I have never been. There have been talks concerning me joining the team but nothing has ever actually happened.
  • I was at some point, the “Project Manager” for the Devcenter Square Open Source initiative. It wasn’t a position at the actual company or a paid job. It was me contributing to open source.
  • I have good friends (Ope, Akin) at the helm of Devcenter.

Now that’s been cleared up, I hope I never again have to awkwardly correct one of you guys when I’m being introduced like this: “This is Timi, he’s one of the Devcenter guys”.

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