5 Thoughts on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, Season One

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SPOILERS to follow…. for this show, The Walking Dead and the comics of the same name. Read at your own risk.

  1. Who is Mr. Strand and why is he not the star of this show?
    Seriously. I grew to really enjoy some of the characters on FTWD, sure, but Mr. Strand had me from the get-go. What’s his deal? Maybe I’m reading into the whole spin-off/prequel/companion/whatever nature of the show… but does he become someone? Will he show up on TWD? Does his first name start with an “N” and rhyme with, um, Egan? Ha.
  2. How long until Nick gets eaten by a zombie?
    He got more tolerable by the end of the season, but my goodness.
  3. Anyone else think that, even for a fleeting moment, that Abigail was a replacement name for Lucille?
    Maybe I’m just hung up on the fact that Mr. Strand is a mystery and feels like he should be someone bigger in TWD lore… but my ears perked up. But that leads to…
  4. Fleeing to a boat is just a plot point for season 2, not all of season 2… right?
    I mean, I guess I see the appeal of fleeing to the water (the dead can’t swim, can they?), but the idea seems very… insolated. Are they going to cruise around, encounter another boat, destroy the other boat, then continue on their way? While infighting, of course. Just seems like a weird choice to me if it’s a sustained setting.
  5. I preface this by saying I really enjoyed FTWD… What is the point of the show?
    Is this show a shameless cash grab by AMC? If it’s not, and given that it essentially shares a title with it’s “sister show” or whatever they are calling it, it has to serve a point. And also considering that the show is more or less the same going forward (albeit with a fancier locale), what is it’s purpose? Maybe it’s not clear yet, who knows…. but it’s my biggest question about the show so far, regardless how much I enjoyed it.
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