5 Thoughts on GOTHAM 2.3, “The Last Laugh”

This kinda sums up both Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome and David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne…

Again, spoilers. Obviously.

  1. Can this whole show be about Jerome?
    I mean, seriously. The Wayne storyline is a drag, Gordon is far too boring a character to truly carry a show (especially when standing next to the millions of villains we see on Gotham). Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome, on the other hand, is absolutely electric.
  2. Is this really the end of Jerome?
    I know this makes thought #1 sort of difficult, but it’s a comic book show. How many times has The Joker died in the comics?
  3. I like the idea of Batman as symbol… The Joker as one? Not so much.
    The Joker doesn’t share the spotlight; The Joker IS the spotlight. If that’s the way they are going to go with The Joker, color me displeased.
  4. Welcome back, Penguin.
    I was thinking at the beginning of the episode that we hadn’t really seen much from Penguin this season… Good to see him being brought back into the fold.
  5. Where the hell was this Gotham last season? I know a show needs time to establish characters and whatnot before it can gear up, but this is like a completely different show. Season 1 felt pointless, meandering and downright comical in its execution (and not in the good way). This Gotham feels like it has a purpose, it knows where it’s going, and we’re all along for the twisty, suspenseful, enjoyable ride. Thus far into season 2, this is a Parks and Recreation-like turnaround. And damn am I happy for that!