5 Thoughts on Gotham 2.4, “Strike Force”

Michael Chiklis stares down his anonymous strike force

Well, that was a step back. The first three episodes of the season had a drive that was sorely lacking for most of the first season, as I’ve discussed. This episode, however, was much more reminiscent of the latter: unfocused, too busy, not interesting.

  1. Michael Chiklis’s Captain Barnes comes into the GCPD promising changes…. where has that plot point been used before?
    Bet he succeeds!
  2. I’m a big James Frain fan, but his Theo Galavan, to this point, is a bore.
  3. Speaking of a bore, so glad to have another Bruce Wayne plot starting up!
  4. The Nygma/Kringle storyline is rather sweet right now, if you ignore the whole murdery beginnings.
    I’m sure it’ll return to creepyland soon, but their date was sweet.
  5. The Penguin has been the strongpoint of the series so far, but tonight’s episode made him just another victim.
    Don’t screw him up, Gotham. Don’t make everything garbage.
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