6 Thoughts on THE FLASH S2 Premiere, “The Man Who Saved Central City”

Apparently The Flash doesn’t need his vibrating blurry face in public anymore?

I’ll be real here… I didn’t love the season premiere of The Flash. Sure, it had some strengths (loved the time jump instead of picking up immediately after the finale, for example), but overall, I was disappointed. It seemed much more table setting than anything else, something they managed to avoid for much of season 1. So, expect spoilers and cynicism going forward!

And yes, 6 thoughts. My new format is still being tinkered with, I don’t think I’ll keep a set number.

  1. Atom Smasher… worst FlashArrowVerse villain yet?
    Even if he’s dead, obviously there’s more story to come with the guy (how’d he become the dead guy? where’s home? who’s Zoom? what’s the connection between the two? etc), but what a slog he was. He’s strong and gets big. Cool.
  2. Ronnie’s dead again. No body again. Must be real this time, though!
    Couple this with the already-announced impending resurrection of Sara on Arrow, and it really makes you wonder how far in advance these writers plan out surprise character deaths.
  3. I’m no time paradox expert, but the Thawne family thing doesn’t make any sense.
    If Eddie killed himself and Eobard visibily got wiped from existence… where is non-Thawne Harrison Wells? And how is there a particle accelerator? How is there a Flash? Why is Nora Allen alive? Why is Henry in prison? How is the show a thing?
  4. Cisco hugging Dr. Stein after Stein named Atom Smasher = gold.
    Cisco on the police force, not so much, but that moment was wonderful.
  5. Speaking of Cisco… what was that vision all about?
    I find Vibe to be an interesting character in the comics, so I’m all for Cisco becoming Vibe, if that’s where his little flashes are going.
  6. Did anyone else’s room get super dusty during the Barry/Henry goodbye scene?
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