7 Thoughts on ARROW 4.1, “Green Arrow”

What are these colors that aren’t black and green I see on my screen?

Similar to the premiere of The Flash, this premiere was more setting the table than anything else, though Arrow does it by bringing the action from the get go, to the surprise of no one. Good episode for what it was, especially for the re-christening of our title hero.

  1. FINALLY, Green Arrow has arrived.
    I thought for sure they’d never go there. Arrow, Green Arrow… same thing, he’s wearing green. They finally did it though: he’s now Green Arrow. And they had an actual organic story reason for the change: Green Arrow is about hope. I like it.
  2. Anyone else sort of expect the final title screen to reveal the show was now titled Green Arrow?
    Or, better question: anyone else sort of disappointed that it didn’t?
  3. The Flash influences are obvious.
    Last season, it seemed to me that The Flash succeeded while Arrow struggled a bit, due in large part to how bright/colorful Flash was (compared to the obviously Dark Knight-inspired Arrow). I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they actually turned some lights on on the Arrow set this season.
  4. Dum Dum Duggan is alive in the current day after all!
    Neil McDonough seems like a great fit for Damien Darhk… but I find it somewhat odd that they’d cast him in Arrow, when he’s got a recurring gig in the MCU as well.
  5. Thank Barrowman that Black Canary’s wig got the ax.
  6. Ray Palmer is dead as well?
    I don’t remember getting confirmation of that last season, though it might have been said. So the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow spinoff features 2 dead characters, 3 characters we haven’t met yet, 2 villains that apparently go good and a character that’s missing his partner. Nice.
  7. Whose grave was it?
    The obvious question. The obvious speculation is Felicity or Thea, but who knows. Whoever it is will surely get resurrected again later on anyway (maybe a couple times!).
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