My Thought on Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO

Crazy hair 12 isn’t as fun as he looks

I was going to write up a big post about my thoughts. In fact, I wrote for probably about 30 minutes: a little recap of my thoughts on the finale (disappointing), the season (meh), Capaldi’s run (good, but…), Coleman’s run (purpose?), whether or not Moffat needs to continue (indifferent). While going through my numbered thoughts, as I normally do, I wrote 5 words that more or less summed everything up for me, so I abandoned the post.

Doctor Who isn’t fun anymore.”

That’s it. Is it Capaldi’s darker, more mature take on the title role? Is it the selection of stories? Is it the plot? Is it Clara? Is it the lack of old monsters?

Yes. All of it. Not any one of them completely, and it changes periodically, but yes.

I didn’t need Clara to leave the show for me to really enjoy the show again; I found parts of her run to be good fun. I don’t need a regeneration for the show to take off again; Capaldi plays a great crazy old man. I don’t need a season full of Daleks and Cybermen and Angels and others for the show to re-capture my heart; all of them were new sometime. I don’t need a change at the top, with Moffat leaving to give me more Sherlock (though if it DOES mean more Sherlock…). But I do need the show to be fun again.

Frankly, I don’t care how it does it. I just need it.