4 Thoughts on AoS 3.2, “Purpose in the Machine”

Chloe Bennet, the badass formerly known as Skye.

Yet another strong episode! I wrote about how Gotham seemingly flipped a switch from crap to good, but that hasn’t been the case with Agents of SHIELD. Ever since The Winter Soldier came out, the show has been on a steady uphill climb, seemingly getting better and better with every episode. Great stuff, consistently, which is really something considering where the show was, before TWS premiered. I can’t wait to see where this show goes, leading up to Civil War.

  1. Without question, Daisy is now the star of the show.
    Sure, the team is still the center of the show, but Daisy has absolutely supplanted Coulson as the star. She has the interesting backstory, she has the interesting issues, she has the relationships, she has the dynamic presence. What a way she’s come since she was force-fed down all of our throats in season 1.
  2. We all knew Simmons was going to be saved, but kudos for making the how engaging.
    Instead of just going through the motions for the obligatory rescue, the production teams made it simultaneously suspenseful and touching. Where that storyline goes from here may change it, but for now, well done.
  3. Daisy’s powers = deus ex machina?
    In this case, it worked, so it’s alright…. but finding convenient uses for her powers as they did in this episode could get old quick.
  4. As a comic fan, I’m not sure how I feel about an original show character re-organizing Hydra.
    Unless, of course, Grant Ward’s story is a long-play origin story for a comic character (as Skye’s was).
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