Tims Log — #3

Log #3 — Keeping track of the life and times of Tim Holman.

Week 3, log 3… the math checks out. Little quieter this week, but here’s what we have!

  • Fixed up The Pattern Library, this was out of commission for a while, since the hosting costs rocketed. I’ve got it back up now, but will have to do something to figure out how to keep it cheap. Tumblr hosting maybe. Noticed some browser quirks trying to view it too, might need some optimizing this next week.
  • 6 new posts on inspiring.online, slow week — although perhaps my feeds are just a little backed up.
  • 1 story shared on Pocket… bit of a sad one. Again, only really short stories here, no tech.
  • Released CodePen Spark at work, for CodePen. Its silently out now, but there will be a blog post about it soon! Lovely when something like this comes together.

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