Fox News to Rubio: Drop Dead

If there’s one thing you can say confidently about Roger Ailes, it’s that he knows which way the winds are blowing. The Hill reports that he’s done with giving favorable prominent coverage to the absentee Senator from the Sunshine State:

“We’re finished with Rubio,” Roger Ailes told one of the network’s hosts recently, according to three unnamed sources. “We can’t do the Rubio thing anymore.”
The report says Ailes was angry about a New York Times article reporting on a dinner he and the Florida senator had in 2013. Rubio was asking the Fox chief for his support of the Gang of Eight immigration bill.
On top of that, Rubio’s poor performance on Super Tuesday convinced Ailes that he is losing traction in the race. The Florida senator won a single state Tuesday, Minnesota, the first and only primary he has secured.

Of course, the idea that somehow the candidate who was obviously a wholly owned and operated franchise of the legacy GOP establishment would rally the disparate factions to a win in November was fatuous. The only thing that made sense would be if Rubio was set to play the hatchet man against Trump, with the establishment grudgingly allowing the chips to fall to Cruz.

This story (which presumably wasn’t intended to become public) only serves to confirm that hypothesis in my mind. The death of Rubio’s candidacy probably wasn’t supposed to come to light at least until the Michigan or Florida primaries. Alas, secrets in this political year are too valuable to stay that way….