Marco Rubio’s Strategery

From Greg Sargent’s Plum Line blog:

On ABC News this morning, Rubio was asked whether he will now go harder at Trump. Rubio’s answer:
“I know there’s this craving in the media for people to attack each other….I’ve pointed out the things that Donald is for that I don’t agree with. But we’ll have a debate tomorrow night, and if there are policy differences, we’re gonna talk about those. If he says something I don’t agree with — like he did in the last debate, about George Bush being responsible for 9/11 — I’m gonna correct him on it.”
Friendly reminder: After Rubio “corrected” Trump’s views about George W. Bush and 9/11 during the last debate, Trump went on to beat Rubio in Bush-friendly South Carolina by 10 points.

Yeah. Maybe Rubio could get a career in daytime soap acting? He’s got a good face for television.

On the other hand, Lou Cannon assures us that Trump isn’t inevitable. Why? Because Ronald Reagan lost a string of primaries at first, too:

I covered Ronald Reagan for The Washington Post in 1976 when, challenging President Gerald Ford, he lost the first six primaries. The situation was so bleak in the Reagan camp that some aides were privately exploring jobs in Ford’s fall campaign. But Reagan did not quit on Reagan. He won a North Carolina primary he’d been expected to lose and battled Ford all the way to the Republican National Convention in Kansas City, giving himself a flying head start for 1980.

Right! Reagan lost a whole string of primaries at first to Gerald Ford! But then he started winning a few, got a hoard of delegates, and battled the Michigander all the way to the convention floor where he…lost on the first ballot, and then gave a great speech that is still remembered fondly today. Because it was 1976. And he didn’t actually win.

Then after Ford lost by a narrow margin, Reagan went on to win four years later. In a completely different election cycle.

So there’s hope for Rubio! The inevitable loss this year could just be a set-up for 2020 or 2024 or whenever!