NPR: GOP Candidates Try to Make an Issue of Eminent Domain

Matt Rourke/AP, via

NPR is reporting that some GOP candidates think eminent domain might be a chink in The Donald’s political armor. The Donald has taken advantage of properties seized by eminent domain in the past for his own profit, it seems.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to make it a problem for Trump in South Carolina and beyond. In a Cruz campaign ad, a group of children play with a Trump doll, which tries to take over the playroom through eminent domain.

This is so not a winning issue for Cruz.

Why? Because no one is going to come out and say “Eminent domain should be abolished.” People are going to say: “Well, its fine if it’s for _______” where the blank can be filled with “national security” or “building a new highway” or “tearing down these blighted, abandoned buildings”. Whatever. We now know what you are, madam, we’re simply arguing about price.

If that sort of argument could possibly have had any traction outside of a beltway cocktail party or a dorm room bull session, Rand Paul would be winning the race right now.