Perhaps there’s a problem with relying on poorly-educated voters?

From Kevin Drum at Mother Jones:

In Illinois presidential primaries, Republican voters choose delegates, not candidates. Normally this doesn’t matter since they just vote for the delegates pledged to their guy. This year, though, there were some unusual exceptions:

He points to the following table from CBS’ election site:

Name Party Votes Vote %
Minch/Trump, Paul GOP 35,435 11%
Kois/Trump, Barbara GOP 35,120 10%
Brady/Kasich, Patrick GOP 32,783 10%
Sandack/Kasich, Ronald GOP 32,288 10%
Del Mar/Kasich, Aaron GOP 31,017 9%
Fakroddin/Trump, Nabi GOP 30,639 9%

Interesting that Fakroddin received far fewer votes than the other two Trump delegates, eh? 97% of the vote is in at this point, so presumably this would change, but no doubt it says something.