The Election So Far

Since I mentioned Atlas Shrugged in a post recently, I thought I’d mention this quotation from the book that has been running around in my mind this morning when contemplating the upcoming Romney speech:

[Y]ou drooling, tear-jerking, mealy-mouthed bastards of the public welfare!
Do you think that outside of your college-bred pansies there’s one village idiot whom you’re fooling? I’m a racketeer — but I know it and my boys know it, and they know that I’ll pay off. Not out of the kindness of my heart, either, and not a cent more than I can get away with, but at least they can count on that much. Sure, it makes me sick sometimes, it makes me sick right now, but it’s not me who’s built this kind of world — you did — so I’m playing the game as you’ve set it up and I’m going to play it for as long as it lasts — which isn’t going to be long for any of us!”