Trump Pivots to the General Election

Dollar per vote, this will probably be one of the more effective ads in the history of political advertising. I mean, forget LBJ’s Daisy Girl, forget Mike Dukakis in a tank…here’s Putin vs. Hillary:

Hat tip: Ian Tuttle.

ADDENDUM: I am gratified to see that Scott Adams agrees with me.

I give the ad an A+ for persuasion. It was funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but at the same time it appealed to our irrational minds just as Trump intends. Your rational mind knows that Clinton’s “barking” has nothing to do with anything. But your irrational mind sees Putin and ISIS looking powerful on the video while Clinton barks like a chihuahua.
The humor in the ad is what makes it work. Without the humor it would look like a lame comparison. And people equate a good sense of humor with high intelligence, whether or not that is true. The ad leaves us feeling that Trump is funny-smart and Clinton is ridiculous.

(Disclosure: I have contributed to Ted Cruz’s campaign.)