Hello World

After a lifetime obsession with design and any number of detours, I’ve finally jumped over to the world of UX, and it’s very good to be here.

About Me

I’m Joshua Bartz: a lifelong learner and tinkerer. I love thinking in systems-level complexity and translating to layman terms for the rest of the world.

I’ve been a press operator for a printing company, a full-service computer technician, and a (unofficial) part-time UX researcher/designer at a Minneapolis startup.

Most recently, I completed a 10-week 400-hour UX design immersive program at General Assembly in Austin, Texas and started the hunt for my first UX design job.

New Career, New Blog

Writing has been a central interest in my life, whether for technical instruction, documentation, short stories, or journaling. Medium allows me to process and discuss things I’ve learned, show off an artifact that isn’t quite enough for my portfolio, and engage with the vibrant community of developers and designers.

Employers and recruiters are cool too.

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