Gen Z vs. Millennial Consumers: The Breakdown (Part 1)

Ammar Mahmood
Sep 20, 2019 · 2 min read
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They never had a chance. Millennials were at the front line of the digital revolution, as well as the globalization of economies, the Great Recession, and terrorism. They adopted early, embraced change, capitalized on the web’s infinite access to information, and reinvented the notions of career and social purpose — but the confluence of technological Frankesteins and iron-grip corporate establishments left a high-minded and optimistic generation middling in an ether of helpless enlightenment. And they’re still in recovery.

Enter Gen Z.

While Millennials saw the world change and tried to catch up to it, Gen Z had the advantage of being born in the digital epoch and being blissfully ignorant of the past. Plus they had a handy roadmap of landmines that were all set off by the previous generation. They watched every misstep that Millennials made and adjusted accordingly. So while both generations share some key characteristics, they are in fact vastly different in many important areas. We’ve outlined 12 areas of interest to consider. The first 6 are below in a convenient downloadable fact pack:

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Download this PDF here for quick and convenient reference!

Well, we’ve exhausted our own attention spans on this one. There is so much more to learn and extract from these two generations. Please join us for Part 2 of this installment where we discuss 6 more areas of generational divergence. But first, a brief hiatus while we tumble down a YouTube rabbit hole for the next 3 days (bye!).

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