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Not so Niche

Ammar Mahmood
Jul 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Hi. We’re Tiny Beast.

We’re an unchained digital, content, and creative giant, founded by top tier millennial segment and creative marketing specialists. Responsible for award-winning integrated campaigns for numerous Fortune 500 brands, the team at Tiny Beast has an extraordinary ability to capture cultural mindsets for cutting-edge brand communications.

Consumers in this day and age are becoming increasingly segmented, which makes it challenging to create authentic connections with them on a large scale. Our goal at Tiny Beast is to craft timely strategies and creative that appeal to discerning audiences across multiple channels, and then allow those targeted conversations to reverberate organically and influence mainstream sentiment.

What we do at Tiny Beast used to be considered niche — an afterthought in the mass marketing mentality that consumed major brand budgets for decades. Our projects were once considered fringe, for fringe agencies to execute with fringe-sized budgets.

But now, with 42% of millennials and 48% of gen-z being multicultural, segment marketing, creative, and strategy is the new norm. Now, culture is the language of authenticity.

Countless polls, performance tracking reports, and surveys have taught us in recent years that millennials and gen-z are not convinced by high-gloss, pandering ad campaigns that wreak of consumer wallet baiting. Real is in. Novel is in. Culture is in.

Niche is in.

So here we are. The road to the masses is an unpaved side road, winding through the thicket, with no signage coming off of Madison Ave.

Establishment advertisers and creative leaders scoff at the notion of realigning their budgets to reflect shifting demographic and cultural tides. They’re slowly being replaced by women, LGBTQ individuals, and people of color who see the writing on the wall and are actively changing the game.

To that end, we’ve leaned into our company mantra:

Defy convention. Subvert expectation. And leave a mark.

As the cultural landscape evolves in the U.S., we see a bright future ahead of us. One that allows us to connect with humans and engage their imaginations by humanizing the brands we serve.

Please visit for more information about our services.

Tiny Beast

Defy convention. Subvert expectation. Leave a mark.

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