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Primary vs Secondary UX Research

Definitions & examples

Niki Tisza
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2 min readMar 7, 2024


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In the previous UX Under Microscope issue, we talked about the difference between qualitative and quantitative UX research. It is highly recommended that you check it out after reading this article.

Today, we’re diving into primary and secondary UX research, both essential for creating impactful user experiences.

Primary vs Secondary Research

When I was a newbie and didn’t know anything about UX research, I assumed that primary and secondary research happened one after the other due to their names.

I couldn’t be further from the truth, though! 😃

Only later, I learned that they instead focus on the closeness and specificity of the source.

Primary Research

When we talk about primary research, we mean the original research carried out by a company (in this case, yourself) for its own use.