The Aesthetic-Competence Effect During Job Search

The more appealing your UXR/UXD portfolio is, the easier it is to land a job

Niki Tisza
Tiny Design Tips


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I was sitting on a panel interview with a UX Researcher. The candidate was good on paper and said all the right things. I gave them a good review because they could’ve done the job well.

Then I was sitting on another panel (because, you know, you need to have options to choose from to select the best candidate for the position). This person was the same as the first one: looked good on paper, said all the right things, and I gave them excellent reviews.

But things changed when I interviewed the third candidate.

This person also had an excellent resume, said all the right things we wanted to hear, etc. But, their portfolio stood out. It was 600% visually more appealing than…