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Tiny Life Moments

How These Furry Creatures Tamed Us

A Tiny Moment of “Why You Miss Them So Much When They Go”

Photo by Eclair-Catching a Quick Salad

The Moment

It’s been two months since Eclair has been gone. I figured I’d be sad. I’ve said goodbye to other pets. I know how to deal with loss and cope with tragedy. I’m a pro, right? We all end up being pros eventually. Why do I still look for her around corners? I don’t see fast-moving, dark shadows dart around as I…



Tiny Life Moments is for writers and readers who believe experience is the best teacher. Our stories follow a consistent format: “Story — Reflection — Takeaways.” Join us and share your experiences in an open and honest way. Let’s learn from each other. New writers are welcome.

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