Introducing rebar3_elixir, now use Elixir in Erlang projects

For all the Erlang folks eager to use Elixir in their projects.

So after a long long time with Barrel, Rebar and Elixir, I managed to spin this up with the help and guidance of benoît chesneau. We present to you . It has auto Elixir and Mix discovery, ability to use Elixir deps in rebar projects and much more. A lot of new features are also in pipeline to welcome more and more Erlang folks to start using Elixir as well.

You can add something like this to your rebar.config to get going,

{erl_opts, [debug_info]}.

{plugins, [
{ rebar3_elixir, ".*", {git, "", {branch, "master"}}}

{deps, [
{httpoison, {elixir, "httpoison" ,"0.9.0"}}

{provider_hooks, [
{pre, [{compile, {ex, compile}}]}

{env, dev}

We are currently at version 0.1.0 and are actively fixing bugs and accepting PRs, so please help us out to help the BEAM community further.