A better way to share how you are feeling.

How often do you either ask or have someone ask you:

“How are you doing?”

How often is the response a short answer like:

“Doing great!”
“I am busy!”
“I’m alright I guess.”
“It is one of those days…”

I have often felt that these kinds of responses are automated and not entirely accurate. In fact, I have been guilty of the same type of automated response even though I am feeling differently.

With a brief moment of meditation, I know I can provide a better answer.

The next time someone asks me how I am feeling, I will take a few breaths with my eyes closed, tell them my real feelings, and even elaborate if needed.

This exercise is inspired by a break-through during a recent meditation. 
I had done 50 deep breaths while scanning the body. My only focus of the meditation was straightforward — check-in with how I am feeling.

Each breath led to a more definite answer, and I ended the meditation with less anxiety. The rest of the day I felt more connected to others and myself.

The next time someone asks how we are doing, maybe we can take a brief moment to reflect and give them a real answer.

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