My app diet.

We are a product of what we consume, so I thought I would share a few products that have a positive impact on me daily. These are the apps on my iPhone’s homescreen:

Calm: Multiple times a day, I pause and use the app’s wonderful guided meditations to reset and handle my day in a more mindful manner. Aside from the calming sessions, I enjoy the music tracks for a nice ambience while I work.

Medium: I find no better source that surrounds me with great minds and their progressive thoughts. I find binge reading/writing on this platform to be a good thing!

Blinkist: Reading all of the nonfiction titles I desire would be a full-time effort. This app allow me to replace popular radio and news with quality book summaries. For the book summaries that resonate, I will then purchase the actual book.

Podcasts: I have found particular podcasts to be an exciting way to turn mundane transportation (road-trips especially) into a learning factory on the go. Some podcasts I follow are: The Tim Ferriss Show, 99% Invisible, IDEO Futures, and TED Radio Hour.

Elevate: Our brain is like a muscle, so I enjoy training it with this gorgeous app’s stimulating challenges. I find the dashboard of my cognitive improvement to be incredibly motivating.

Duolingo: I believe one of the healthiest thing a person can do for their mind is travel and observe other cultures. Having the fundamentals of a language can help you become more comfortable talking to people from other parts of the world — even if they are in your city.

1 Gallon a Day: Our bodies operate off of water. Most of the time I am less hydrated than I realize. This app sends me kind push notifications in order to keep track of drinking a gallon of water each day.

iBooks: For the books I find intriguing in the Blinkist app, I get the digital version across all of my iDevices.

Evernote: Aside from this app being my brain in the cloud, Journaling has changed my life. I could write an entire essay on how, but most of my points would be identical to this awesome article. Keeping a daily journal on Evernote allows me to reflect on the bookends of my day. I find this allows me to live a life with more meaning and to navigate with my heart and soul, rather than anyone else’s expectations.

For the amount of times I look at my phone’s home screen in a day, I believe it is important to choose my app diet wisely. There is a lot of media out there that doesn’t push me forward. Just like junk food, it can become addicting, but we know it isn’t good for us. Having this default foundation on my most used device leaves me confident and excited about my daily growth.

Our phones are a miraculous piece of technology that can be used for so much. As a tool of almost endless possibility, what are you using yours for?

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