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Tiny UX — Google Keep date picker

Note taking is a big thing for me, the ability to quickly document my thoughts, to-dos, and all sorts of crazy shit that’s rattling around my brain.

I’ve yet to find a good form of input into mobile devices which is quick, accurate, free form, searchable, etc.
Basically a combination of all the advantages of paper and digital.

Until something of this sort comes along (thinking of trying the Livescribe smartpen, maybe it’s a good solution), I’m using Google Keep for note taking. I use it quite often, it sort of does the job, but it’s not a lock in for me, still looking for a better solution.

Anyway Keep has quite a few annoying issues, but today one of it’s UX issues made me miss a reminder, so I looked slightly deeper into what happened and blabbered about it in a short video.

Google Keep date picker is annoying!

What do you think?

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