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Tiny Wabi Sabi

Make something. You’ll feel confident

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I always admire creative people. I would like to be able to create something from scratch, something I like but rarely see in shops. I wanted to be someone who can embody something in their mind. Moreover I think I wanted to create something to be unique.

However, unfortunately I wasn’t good at sewing in school. To be honest, I didn’t like sewing because I was bad at it. I thought (still think) I…




Tiny Wabi Sabi is a publication about multi-language writing and creation, and asks a question: how can we stretch and narrow the distance between languages in creative ways? A place to express for people without national boundaries.

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A Japanese writer who is living in Ireland since 2015. I write about discoveries I find while I’m abroad. アイルランドに住んでいる日本人です。海外生活で気づいたことなどを書いていきます

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