Interview with Saishy!

Since working on the version I took to SBGames Saishy hasn’t been been able to work too much on the game.

Saishy just moved to a new house (that may or may not be leaking water out of the walls) (it definitely is) and besides that she’s been working on networking so that means that there aren’t many thing to actually show so last week’s post already didn’t exist (but Saishy posted a Roadmap on Patreon) so we got something special for this week! An special interview with Saishy! Yeah!

Me: Could you give us a brief introduction of yourself?
Saishy: Hello, I’m Saishy, programmer and game designer. I love birds, playing multiplayer games and reading. Lately I’ve been addicted to iced tea.
Me: Why did you in create TinyBird Games?
Saishy: I always wanted to create a game by myself so an indie studio was the natural path I guess?

Me: What motivated you in creating a studio focused in queer people? Why do you feel its important?
 Saishy: I wanted to create games and I’m a trans woman, over time I found how hard it is for queer people to find jobs, so I wanted to create more opportunities to them.

Me: How did the idea of TinyAttack came to be?
Saishy: It was literally the product of pure rage against the bugs in Risk of Rain multiplayer. Initially it was just going to use open source art but eventually the game grew on me.

Me: What do you think is your objective with TinyAttack?
Saishy: Money and the expansion of TinyBird Games?

Me: How is development going?
Saishy: It’s really harsh, I’m going on with way less than the minimum wage and still have to hire other people…

Me: What is the biggest challenge you’re facing?
Saishy: Getting people to comment and be able to interact with the community. Also more patrons :c

Me: When do you estimate the game will be available?
Saishy: That is a hard question. Not only this is the first game I’m doing alone and without a publisher, development time greatly varies due to the fluctuation in the patrons… If things keep like they are and hoping for a very small raise, I guess 2020? Obviously this will lower if we receive more support!

Me: How do you feel with the feedback you got from glitch-festa?
Saishy: It was strange, I was really depressed at the time and then I received news that some people I never heard of liked my game, it was kinda nice but I guess I wasn’t in a mental state to process it.


Me: Do you play Tree of Savior?
Saishy: I played on launch and a little, it was fun until it was not.

That’s all for today but we’re always open to conversations! There is contact links at the end of the post and nothing would make us happy than a message! (well, a pledge on Patreon would but you got the idea)

Come work with us!

We’re still looking for someone to help with art! Saishy is a great artist but she needs help so she can focus on programming and stuff! If she is making all that progress alone imagine what she could do with YOUR help!

If you’re a queer pixel artist and feel like you’d be a good fit click here.

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