New stuff!

So, this has been a thrilling week! We had not only one but TWO whole characters finished. The first one is the Knight!

The Knight kicking evil’s butt!

If you want to find out more you can check our Patreon where Saishy made a longer post about it! I know you want to keep watching that gif, but go take a look!

The other character that was finished is the brand new Gunslinger!

The yet not so finished Gunslinger having issues with her ultimate.

If you were one of our lovely patrons you would already know about her since there is also an exclusive first look available for every patron! Sure everybody will get it eventually but how about exclusivity right?

“Woa everyone, we might be reaching an alpha release soon!”

Oh! What is this? An alpha release? That’s awesome! So where can you get those news before everyone else? On our very own Discord server!

Come work with us!

We’re still looking for someone to help with art! Saishy is a great artist but she needs help so she can focus on programming and stuff! If she is making all that progress alone imagine what she could do with YOUR help!

If you’re a LGBTAQ pixel artist and is interested click here.

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TinyBird is an indie game development studio located in Brazil, our goal is to hire people from the LGBTAQ community (globally!) and raise both awareness and representativity. If you’d like to support us you can always pledge to our Patreon. Any amount helps! If not you could always just help spreading the word in social media and stuff!

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