In the early stage of my career, this is what I would do when starting a new project

  • I got a feature to develop.
  • I open my IDE.
  • I type in code like a Ninja.

A few days, weeks, or months later, after multiple trial and errors, deletion and refactoring I have finished the spectacular feature. Yay!

In retrospect, this was not the best way to approach solving a problem.

So how can you do it better?

Disclaimer: My experience is mostly with Javascript, so take everything you read here with a grain of salt. …

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10X Developers. They exist. But they might not be who you think.

They don’t ship code 10x faster.

They don’t do the work of 10 developers.

They need not use the command line for everything.

They need not use VIM.

A lot of people think a 10X developer look like this

So who are these mysterious creatures?

In fact, they are not very mysterious. 10x developers are common in many engineering teams.

What do they do differently?

They work well with the team

They don’t necessarily stand…

When I was in the early stage of my career, a question that always bothered me was — I can code well, but what is next? It took years of research and learning at work to figure out what those skills are(and the list is still incomplete).

We made a list of curated learning paths that helped us find great career opportunities — and do more than just coding.

It is a collection of curated learning paths to help developers learn skills to climb up their career path. The skills include more than just coding — things like documentation, collaboration, communication, engineering processes etc.

Project-based learning

You’ll also be able to finish a real-world project and get feedback from mentors. We believe learning is incomplete without practice.

Today we are launching Tinyschool.

Tinyschool has curated learning paths, live sessions, and real-world projects directly from professionals and companies so that you can become a better developer.

I can code well — now what? This was a question that bothered me in the early stages of my career. Tinyschool is an answer to that.

These are the skills that have helped us along the journey in our career.

We also have a discord community where we will personally try to answer questions and help out each other when learning.

Join here:

We are trying to combine learning with projects and mentorship to help folks make quick progress in their career.

Signup and let us know your thoughts.

You can follow Tinyschool on Twitter here:


Prepare for future of work. Become better engineers.

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