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Objects in Javascript


Objects in Javascript are collection of properties. An object stores data in the form of key value pair. These are non-primitive type structure, because we can store multiple types (both primitive and non-primitive) data in any object.

While storing data in any object, for our reference, we associate that data to a key name. These keys are known as the object’s property. Object properties can be of any type

For example, a car can have many properties like make, model, year etc. And, we can represent a car or any other entity using an object like below:

var car = {
make: ‘Audi’,
model: ‘A3’,
year: 2018

In my blog post I have explained more about objects in javascript:

  • What is an object
  • How to create objects in Javascript
  • How to define properties in an object
  • Object prototype
  • Accessors
  • Use of the Object.defineProperty method in javascript
  • How to deep clone objects in JavaScript
  • How to remove a property from a JavaScript object
  • How do I loop through or enumerate a JavaScript object
  • Check if a key exists in a JavaScript object
  • How to determine the length of a JavaScript object
  • How to merge the properties of two JavaScript objects
  • How to check for an empty objects in JavaScript
  • Detecting an undefined object property



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